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Cheese sputtering gun

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A hand-held gadget, similar in form to an aerosol can, which can sputter a pizza with hot, melted mozzerella. With this, you can either resurface an entire pizza or just 'touch up' areas of thin topping where the pizza substrate is showing through.

Can also be used as a "fondue for one".
hippo, Sep 28 2007

cheese comes in an aerosol can, not hot though http://www.cockeyed.../cheese/cheese.html
[xandram, Sep 28 2007]

Inspired by... Re-Cheese_20Please!
[hippo, Sep 28 2007]


       The secret mind of baking revealed... Re-Cheese Please + Hand Blaster = Cheese sputtering gun. I would have called it Cheese-Sputs-Crust. Electric or cranked up energy storing, friction motor? [+]
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       Oh nonononono you bad bad man.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 28 2007

       Hand held spluttering cheese gun... I nearly cried!
the dog's breakfast, Sep 28 2007

       What [Xenzag] said,[-]
zeno, Sep 28 2007

       [zeno] What I said was a positive comment, concluding with a positive vote ! So how can you agree with it, yet conclude with a minus? Just curious.
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       Hint for any ideas anyone has in the future: Cheese + Gun = Bun from me. ++++
Noexit, Sep 28 2007


       Ein Handgerät, das in der Form einer Aerosoldose ähnlich ist, die eine Pizza mit heißem spritzen kann, schmolz schmaltz.   

       I thought that german might do justice to a cheese sputtering gun. I was right. But even better is a schmaltz sputtering gun. Mmmm Schmolz Schmaltz!
bungston, Sep 28 2007

       I think there's an inherent problem in spraying hot stuff. Even if it's hot when it's in the can, the expansion of the propellant gas will tend to cool it.   

       You may be able to accomplish this with vacuum deposition. I think you'd have to heat a mass of cheese in vacuo, whereupon cheese onions (that is, particles which are neither anions nor cations, but carry 0 charge) will tend to fly off and (in some cases) strike the awaiting pizza.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 28 2007

       it burns!!
k_sra, Sep 28 2007

       <shoots from the hip>
po, Sep 28 2007

       I just don't fancy ideas that are inspired by ideas mostly. Say an idea is posted and it gets some buns. Next someone slaps rfid on it and a new idea is born. Next someone slaps bluetooth on it AND i SIT HERE READING THE SAME LAME IDEA FOR THE THIRD TIME! The capital letters are because I hit caps lock by accident but I will leave them there.   

       This is why I once posted an idea for a garden gnome that could also (primarily) be used as a dildo/vibrator. I deleted it because it was a protest against just this sort of thing.   

       I like ideas that come from the experience of other people around the world, not from people who roam the halfbakery in search of things to invent based on other halfbakers' inventions. There are exceptions but this is not one of them.
zeno, Sep 29 2007

       I did not realize this thing used bluetooth! That would allow remote use, and avoid burns by hot cheese! Bun! With cheese! And schmaltz!   

       I am sad that my german experiment up there did not satisfy your round-the- world jones, [z]. I admit that google translator did most of the work.
bungston, Sep 29 2007

       Well [2 fries] roams the neighbourhood wearing an electric shock dog collar, so I suppose we all have our territory to mark - (see annotation on Stupid Sh*t Reimbursement Law) - I'm still laughing.
xenzag, Sep 29 2007


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