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Candybar Centrifuge

To separate nougats by weight within the bar.
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Simple: A centrifuge that you clamp onto one end of a candy bar. After spinning the bar around rapidly for long enough, heavy stuff like peanuts should settle at one end, and light stuff like nougat at the other. This way, you can have bites of concentrated flavor.
DrWorm, Dec 23 2009

Quality Street Centrifuge Quality_20Street_20Centrifuge
A multifunction device could fulfil this purpose too. [Wrongfellow, Dec 27 2009]


       OhhhhhOOHOHHHhhhh.... NOUGAT....
Jscotty, Dec 29 2009

       After this, a nougat collider.
ldischler, Dec 29 2009

       arent candy bars already concentrated flavor?
Arcanus, Mar 26 2010


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