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Circle of Meat

"Hakuna Ma-Snorker!"
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1. A sausage making machine, from which sausages are emitted and deposited upon

2. a conveyor belt grill, along which snorkers slide, sizzling under the electrical glow of the cooking elements, the conveyor belt curving round to ensure that the sozzies approach

3. the sausage munching machine, through the aperture over which the user sticks an appropriately cut picture of whichever corpulent or otherwise disagreeable celebrity or normal person presently offends their sensibilities most, the sausages being conveyed through the pictured mouth (or other) into the grinding maw of the machine, which masticates the sausage back into mere sausage meat which meat then plops

4. into the funnel of the ever-busy sausage making machine.

Thus is created a near perfect circle of meat, passing through all the stages of consumption. Repeated forming, cooking and unforming will eventually leave the sausages dark, stick thin and crispy. Once the process can reduce the meat no more, you have Twiglets.

calum, Dec 21 2006

Twiglets http://www.icons.or...ominations/twiglets
[calum, Dec 21 2006]

(?) Cloaca http://www.newmuseu...more_exh_cloaca.php
by Win Delvoye [calum, Dec 22 2006]

(?) Ironic Punishment http://www.forbidde...roduct.htm?sp=l1729
Reminds me of this... [DocBrown, Dec 22 2006]

Donut Robot http://adw3345.livejournal.com/19171.html
This is the look I'd be going for, if I was to make the Circle of Meat come real.

Woah, Doc, I posted my link without first looking at yours. Wodda coinkydink. [calum, Dec 22 2006]


       Will this result in a ring of fire? (wanders off whistling)
skinflaps, Dec 21 2006

       But could you bun wasting spoiled meat? If nobody is to eat these awful things, then why bother to use good meat.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 21 2006

       Well, I hardly think people would let meat spoil just for fun. But even if they did how could that be deemed wasteful? If the end result was laughs and fun what was the waste?   

       It is not any more wasteful than sitting on the HB and watching the clock dwindle away when you could be out collecting food for the hungry, Right?
Chefboyrbored, Dec 21 2006

       totally pointless and therefore perfect bakery material +
xenzag, Dec 21 2006

       I agree with [xen]- it's quite an artistic masterpiece! +
xandram, Dec 21 2006

       Sounds a little like Wim Delvoye's sculpture 'Cloaca' -- a machine that digests food and excretes. No celebrity faces there, though.
st3f, Dec 21 2006

       I'll take a pound of the cube-asa, oop, wrong store, my bad.   

       //Twiglets// If nothing else, the scene where Mr Bean offers his party guests twigs dipped in Marmite makes a bit more sense now.
spidermother, Dec 23 2006

       //Repeated forming, cooking and unforming will eventually leave the sausages dark, stick thin and crispy.//   

       isnt that how they make slim jims?
Arcanus, Mar 26 2010


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