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Cookie centrifuge for washing machines

No more mixing and rolling
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Idea triggered by the ingenious device presented by [FJ].

Spinning motion creates high centrifugal forces. Washing machines use this to squeeze water out of the laundry, so they must achieve some pretty high force. The idea is to make Teflon inserts for the drum that close the holes and have raised ridges in the desired cookie shapes.

You throw in the ingredients and let the drum do the mixing at low speed. At the end high speed pushes the dough into the Teflon walls. Under the high forces the dough behaves more like a liquid and spreads out evenly, filling even the tightest corners. The user takes out the Teflon inserts (hurry up the cookies do tend to drop out), pushes them flat and bakes. A heater in the drum could also do the baking, but then all the cookies would be rounded.

As added bonus set comes with a plastic mesh basket to safely wash and dry your lettuce.

Suddenly your washing machine is not a Cinderella appliance in the stuffy, wet basement any more. It becomes the beloved, shining princess of your kitchen.

kbecker, Jun 20 2004

Prior art http://www.halfbake.../Robo-Rolling_20Pin
Still good for small quantities or if rolling is a required part of the kneading process, such as for making croissants. [kbecker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       So I take it this isn't EXACTLY for the Oreo® Crowd, eh'? But bun anyway - Mmmm - cookies. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jun 20 2004

       I have to say using a washing machine to get cookie dough into molds is the kind of crazy halfbaked idea I love finding on this site [+]   

       You're right - there are probably lots of household uses where the centrifugal force could come in handy. (A1 anyone?) Quite energy inefficient, especially for washing lettuce, but a good idea nonetheless.   

       Now if you could only figure out a way to combine a dishwasher and a clothes-washing machine (to avoid having another large kitchen appliance)...
paix120, Apr 21 2009


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