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Canine Advertising

Guide dogs are fitted with advertising gear.
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The pups are mounted with LED scrollers with sports scores and advertising (like on the top of taxis) which helps pay for the cost of dog food.

Cupholders would help the blind get those frosty beverages they love.

Blumster, Feb 25 2005


       I'm against turning myself into a human billboard, and even more against turning an innocent animal into an advertisement.
-----, Feb 25 2005

       Bogus. Guide dogs? Innocent?   

       We tie dogs (who we train for months) to blind people and make it their duty to bring them about in a safe fashion for the rest of their useful years before either being put down, or given to some hyperactive 8 year old as a christmas present.   

       They aren't exactly living the posh life in the first place.
Blumster, Feb 25 2005


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