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Fish Ears

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Attach small synthetic faux ears to the fish within the aquarium.

I think that they would look pretty cool with their new head bands,maybe moustaches could be an optional fashion accessory product for fish.

skinflaps, Jul 19 2013

(?) https://fishgame.co....php?ArticleID=4201 Global warming is doing your work for you. [pocmloc, Jul 19 2013]

http://news.bbc.co....8767000/8767973.stm And the Beeb has the scoop on the taches. [pocmloc, Jul 19 2013]

fish with ears http://www.google.c...g2.html%3B771%3B637
[xandram, Jul 19 2013]


       Herring aids?   

       I like it. one bun, mostly before its best before date.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 19 2013

       Could bring a whole new line of fashion wear for Clown Fish.
skinflaps, Jul 19 2013

       Oh no, not more fish puns ...
8th of 7, Jul 19 2013

       You're right, it's not the time or the plaice for that.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 19 2013

       This could prove HIGHLY USEFUL in the fight against terrorism! With fish ears firmly cemented in place, dolphins working with the US Navy could then don fake nose and glasses as a disguise to more easily blend in while doing undercover... er, underWATER... operations! Without the fish ears, the fake nose and glasses disguise kit would fall right off.   

       My hat is off to you, [skinflaps]! I'm putting you in for a Letter of Constipation from the President (of something). [+]
Grogster, Jul 19 2013


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