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Dog stilts

Reaches parts other dogs can't reach.
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So pooch can't stand up to the competition? Always coming in last by a short leg[or four]?

By utilising dog stilts, pooch has a fair chance of accommodating larger breeds. Although once so small, by reaching out via dog stilts pooch has gone far.

By ascending the dog stilts, any height of pleasure can be attained.

skinflaps, Aug 21 2004

Pasiphae - reminded me of this http://www.fjkluth.com/pasiphae.html
"Daedalus made a hollow wooden cow for her to get inside, so she could mate with the bull" [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Cat Stilts Cat_20Stilts
Me and [skinflaps] will be soon be lauching the Stilted Pet Fighting League. [wagster, Jan 17 2005]


       I'm not sure I understood this correctly but I'm afraid to ask.
Machiavelli, Aug 21 2004

       This reads like a babelfish translation... but I like it!
bungston, Aug 22 2004

       Ewe stilts would be popular in some areas.
FarmerJohn, Aug 22 2004

       Yeah, the little yapper bred with a german shepard, but I suspect that somebody put him up to it.
zigness, Aug 22 2004

       What if big dog owners don't want their dogs impregnated by little dogs? They'll put their big dogs on stilts to get them out of harms way. Then the little dog owners will get bigger stilts. Then the big dog owners will get bigger stilts. Then...
wagster, Oct 05 2004

       what if said pooch were to tumble. some sort of spring apparatus?
benfrost, Oct 05 2004

       Pogo stilts for the overactive said pooch?
skinflaps, Oct 05 2004

       Mount the stilts on weighty hemispherical bases. The dog will then automatically right itself like a weeble.   

       <shameless plug> Will also work on cat stilts... </shameless plug>
wagster, Oct 05 2004

       *blinks and shakes head*
kranedawg, Oct 05 2004

       I just spent a few minutes typing in my idea for High Fido brand stilts before I noticed that you had already baked the idea. Darn. I had other purposes for the stilts than for enhanced mating access: St. Bernards could penetrate (heh) even larger snow drifts; cat-chasers could reach cat hangouts that were previously unreachable; dachshunds could finally ascend to more pettable altitudes; border collies could comfortably herd giraffes. And for schipperkes, which were bred to ride on barges, single stilts could serve as peg legs (parrot & eye patch not included).
luxlucet, Jan 17 2005

       Won't work for chasing cats - the cats are out of reach on Cat Stilts (link).
wagster, Jan 17 2005


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