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Canine Climbing Claws

The Ninja Turtles shouldn't get all the fun.
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Sassy was happy. She was in the sun, curled up in that unusual feline way of being on one's belly, side, and back at the same time, enjoying prime sleeping hours. Life was good.

But then, she found something unusual under her butt. It was the Master's new dog, Perky, sniffing her and barking. Angrily, she raised her paw to bat at the puppy, trying to scare her off... but the terrier just bounded backwards for a second, only to return even louder, even yappier. The little thing wanted to play, and it didn't yet know that you Did Not play with Sassy.

Resigned, Sassy took off, with Perky in hot pursuit. Thirty... twenty... ten feet to the tree... The old cat launched herself into the air, claws grabbing the tree trunk, pulling itself up. She turned to bemusedly watch the canine, to see her bark frustratedly while scrabbling at the the tree...

... and found herself being yapped to directly in her old ears by the presistent Perky. The Master watched, amusedly, as the pup carefully climbed, the claw reinforcements he had had added to the puppy holding very well; the blunt canine claws, normally only suitable for digging, were quite strong enough to lift the light puppy once 'aided'.

Found off-guard, the old Sassy took off, with Perky in hot pursuit; the chase was still on...

Almafeta, Oct 24 2004

Sharp Steel Booties http://www.halfbake...p_20Steel_20Booties
Same idea, same jumping up problem, different application. [Worldgineer, Oct 26 2004]


       Ha. (+)   

       I'm cheering for the dog.
Machiavelli, Oct 25 2004

       Go Perky go!
Nontaigne, Oct 25 2004

       imagine an alsatian puppy running up your leg - ouch.
po, Oct 25 2004

       Oh yes.
DocBrown, Oct 25 2004

       Naaahhh, cats on trees, dogs on the ground. Just think how much more trouble this would bring to the fire departments. How many people would die because firefighters were busy taking dogs of the trees? (-)
PauloSargaco, Oct 25 2004

       You could just spend some time teaching your dog the secrets of the ninja.
harderthanjesus, Oct 25 2004

       I'd love to see the reaction when the dog realised the only way down was face-first...
david_scothern, Oct 25 2004

       I would have boned this idea just because I believe that would give dogs too much advantage over cats (which is unfair), but I'll give this a bun for the laugh and creativity.
Pericles, Oct 25 2004

       Yes, dogs on the ground please; they tend to be less discreet in evacuation than cats.
absterge, Oct 26 2004

       Do dogs land on their feet when they fall out of trees? If not, I think sooner or later, Master is going to have a paraplegic puppy on his hands. And Sassy will get the last laugh.
DrCurry, Oct 26 2004

       If they do land on their feet, and if these become popular, I'll make sure to avoid standing under trees.
Worldgineer, Oct 26 2004

       I'm not exactly a Ninja Turtles expert, but I'm pretty darn sure they didn't have claws... what gives?
luecke, Oct 27 2004

       Luecke: Among the various pieces of equipment the Ninja Turtles used were 'climbing claws'. Although -those- climbing claws are a different sense of the phrase...
Almafeta, Oct 27 2004

       Why not just cut the legs off the cat?
trekbody, Oct 28 2004

       ha ha ha, that would be evil. Who likes cats anyways? - JK ;)-
Pericles, Oct 28 2004

       I have a dog that’s a squirreler. She even goes after them into the trees. Or she would, if she only had these claws. As it is, she hugs the trunk—a pitiful sight—looking back at me, as if to say, “What’s wrong with my feet?”
ldischler, Oct 28 2004


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