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Cannabis ATM

Kind of like an automated speeding ticketing system.
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Cannabis ATM is an entrapment device.

Big glass door view of the most vigorous looking healthy pot plant. You put your money in the door opens, individual enters invited to pluck the amount of leaves paid for.

Once a sensor determines that you have plucked the leaves the door slams shut. You are informed that you have been placed under arrest and charged with possession of an illegal substance.

The charges are based partly on the amount of leaves you paid for and partly on the weight of the leaves that you plucked.

If you have a credit card with you, you can be processed electronically before a remotely located Judge, pay your fine and be released.

If you have previous offense on record and or can not afford to be processed or post bail, your person is then removed to a holding tank to await retrieval by the local police. --

You would also be able to deposit unused amounts of cannabis. Naturally the charges and punishment would be more severe, sale or distribution of an illegal substance.

All Cannabis ATMs would be located within a school zone or within 500ft of an elementary school.

Also defendants are encouraged to smoke up the substances at issue while housed inside the Cannabis ATM thus under the influence would apply and the state would make more money from a steeper fine.

vfrackis, Jul 22 2009


       Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be the autoboner.
wagster, Jul 22 2009

       But if it's within the school zone, how would you catch cannibis-smoking pedophiles?
RayfordSteele, Jul 22 2009

       or just arrest everyone using an ATM. cash is for drugs and sex, everything else takes American Express.
WcW, Jul 22 2009

       Can't speak from firsthand experience, but I believe there are ATM analog machines for dispensing medical marijuana in some of the clinics where it is available.
normzone, Jul 22 2009

       [Vfrackis], if you want to put up a stupid idea fine, but please don't make such stupid mistakes. The leaves are not the part of the plant people smoke.
zeno, Jul 23 2009

       smokes shoots & leaves...
po, Jul 23 2009

       "Punish people who do X" is grounds for a [marked-for-deletion] , isn't it?
Wrongfellow, Jul 23 2009

       [vfrackis] your idea is loaded with mixed signals.
i) It's laid out as if it's a practical idea, yet as [21Quest] points out, all it takes is for one stoner to get caught, and word will get out.
ii) You put the thing within 500ft of an elementary school, yet the children there wont have ATM cards since they are too young to hold bank accounts, let alone smoke cannabis. So why?
iii) You "encourage" the entrapped to smoke their score, and then slap them with another charge.
iv) You provide the ability to deposit cannabis, but rather than safe storage, or amnesty, you punish people for participating (why might they want to participate?)

       Is this a satirical idea? If so, what point are you trying to make? Or am I giving you the benefit of the doubt?   

       What, exactly - is the point?   

       If it's providing satirical analogy to the notion speed-cameras, then I don't get it. Nowhere on a speed-control camera does it invite you to go over the speed limit.
zen_tom, Jul 23 2009

       People who follow all of rules often quote them, conceive them, sometimes enforce them (only when its convenient naturally) and more often than not are typically delighted when they can raise their hand to snitch when they perceive that some one has broken a rule.   

       This is not an idea to punish people.   

       Cannabis ATM is simply a device purpose built to carry out wrong minded legislation.   

       Consider a painting with a visual symbol , Dog = Fidelity   

       The Cannabis ATM is a physical representation (a symbol) of an amorphous system that is in my opinion a form of organized crime.   

       The things that people do to each other are mostly very stupid. Wouldn't it be entertaining to see people attempt use of this type of device, especially depositors?   

       Also ZT drug offenses are more severe in a school zone, Govt could make more money that way from each case.   

       What better reason for a thing to exist than to cause people to consider whether or not it should exist.
vfrackis, Jul 23 2009

       Sorry, but I still don't get it. This thing shouldn't exist, since there are no positive reasons for it to exist, that's pretty clear cut - no?   

       //a physical representation of an amorphous system// which system is that? What system are you trying to represent here?   

       //The things that people do to each other are mostly very stupid.// Are they? Like what? Smoking cannabis is something you do to yourself.   

       Are you pro drug use, or against it? I can't tell, if you're high, that might put things into perspective.   

       Oh, and //Dog = Fidelity// what's that supposed to mean?
zen_tom, Jul 23 2009

       never used drugs before not pot not any , feel that people should be allowed to do what they will to themselves without regulation or systems of extortion in place to punish them for their choice   

       this idea is a physical illustration of that
vfrackis, Jul 23 2009

       Great until the first old gal from the Women's Institute tries to buy the "Lovely Tomato Plant".
gnomethang, Jul 23 2009

       heheh cute but [-]: people might pay a couple bucks just out of curiousity with no plans to actual acquire cannabis for themselves and *nab* thar ya go.
FlyingToaster, Jul 23 2009

       I have heard parallels to this as regards child porn - accusations that undercover officials facilitated commission of crimes by the person ultimately convicted of the crime - a crime that he might not have committed had it been more difficult to do so.
bungston, Jul 23 2009

       //as [21Quest] points out, all it takes is for one stoner to get caught, and word will get out. //   

       That's true, but how stoned would you need to be to fall for this poorly-thought-out and horrendously misconcieved "trap" in the first place?   

       Imagine the thought process that would have to take place: "Man, I could do with a toke right now. I'll just take a wander down to Fat Freddy's and get myself some blow... dum-de-dum... Wait - like, what's that, man? Looks like a tiny greenhouse with a mighty fine-looking bud-aceous plant in it! I thought this shit was illegal! But there is it, right in the middle of the street with plenty of people walking past! Cool! I'll just nip in and get myself some..." SLAM! "Oh. Bummer."   

       Given that as even a vaguely serious proposition in the real world this idea does not have a leg to stand on, I can only assume that there's meant to be some kind of point behind it. Unfortunately, I've no idea what that point might be.   

       //Dog=Fidelity// Hmm. You say that like it's supposed to mean something.
lostdog, Jul 23 2009

       What a remarkably stupid and pointless idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2009

       I'd + it as a side-plot in a Beavis and Butthead episode.
FlyingToaster, Jul 24 2009

       Stoners will not fall for it, except perhaps the first one. The rest will figure out a way to circumvent it with a strategically placed chair or something like that. The one person who was fooled could claim it was entrapment in court. He could also argue that, since it was so easy to spot, he didn't think it would actually dispense cannabis and just slipped a few bucks in to find out what it did.   

       //What better reason for a thing to exist than to cause people to consider whether or not it should exist.//   

       You should have a better reason than that. We are already considering whether it should exist(my vote is no btw) without having to squander taxpayers money or make cannabis available to children(which it would be).
Bad Jim, Jul 24 2009

       I could see it as a Far Side cartoon.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2009

       / I'd + it as a side-plot in a Beavis and Butthead episode. — FlyingToaster, Jul 23 2009 /   

       yes. excellent. I think it would be better if the machine closed one in then delivered electric shocks or something of the sort to teach you the error of your ways, as opposed to just calling the cops. Once the cops have you you cannot try again and again with various schemes to obtain pot / avoid shock, which as Wile E. Coyote has proved many times is essential for maximum hilarity.
bungston, Jul 24 2009

       Yes, this is going somewhere. A pot-crazed marsupial would be fun to watch.
daseva, Jul 24 2009

       I think having another coyote might be copyright infringement. A stoned thylacine, though - yes!
bungston, Jul 24 2009

       apart from [bungston]'s mildly disturbing comment, what would actually happen is you'd end up with "how many stoners can you fit in an APM" contests where they smoke the evidence.
FlyingToaster, Jul 24 2009

       [Zeno] Some do smoke the leaves, I used to smoke a lot of them. I loved the taste of weed but stopped liking getting utterly trashed so I sought out weaker stuff. The leaves of a good quality plant are tasty. Unfortunately, this put my tolerance into freefall so I ended up unable to smoke a reasonable amount without getting trashed and had to quit. If anyone ever comes up with a THC variant without the psychoactive effects I'll buy it by the ton.   

       [Bad Jim] has a point about visibility and credibility. I once went on an arcade machine that was billed as an electric chair but really just involved holding a pair of vibrators (it was pretty lame). It said electric chair all over it but if it had actually killed me I suspect my family would have been within their rights to complain.
stilgar, Jul 25 2009

       //THC variant without the psychoactive effects// umm what ? I thought THC *is* the psychoactive effect.   

       As far as taste is concerned, I vaguel recall stuff like "weed-cola" where the THC has been removed.
FlyingToaster, Jul 25 2009

       Now I know what the hash button is for...
Ling, Jul 26 2009


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