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living hemp billboards
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Activists can scatter hemp seeds in highly visible urban locations.Being a tough plant requiring little water and no maintenance to grow and reproduce it will become as commonplace as the dandelion. anti-cannibis enforcement of (all kinds) will become futile.
turks, Jan 04 2002

Your Author, Johnny Hempseed http://www.kyhemppage.net/personal.htm
Johnny Appleseed was in reality, John Chapman. for half a century, he created apple orchards in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana, spanning an estimated area of 100,000 square miles. Some of these trees are still bearing fruit after 150 years. [LoriZ, Jan 05 2002]

Cannabis Warning trial extended http://news.bbc.co....1732000/1732848.stm
London police experiment with different handling of cannabis possession. [Aristotle, Jan 07 2002]

Definition of addiction http://www.dictiona...t.pl?term=addiction
Seems a decent definition to me. [Guy Fox, Jan 07 2002]

Registered Shaman http://www.halfbake...Registered_20Shaman
Allowed to take drugs but unable to do anything that requires sobriety. [Aristotle, Jan 08 2002]

Grow your own http://www.ganja.co.uk/about/index.html
information not a recommendation [IvanIdea, Jun 13 2002]


       WIBNI I guess...though clever nonetheless, so have a croissant (although you would proabaly prefer a different rolled product)
NeverDie, Jan 04 2002

       1. Genetically modify dandelions to produce THC. Should be a relatively simple thing to identify the relevant genes in cannabis plants that produce THC. If all dandelions produced THC, then it would be impossible to eradicate it.

2. Save your own seeds, cast them in likely spots. But not such open, public areas. Take it upon yourself to increase the likelihood of wild survival.

If people did what you say, then the "highly visible urban locations" would quite quickly (a) be closely monitored by cops for harvesing, (b) aggressively saturated with noxious chemicals, and (c) eventually paved over.

I personally do cast seeds all over, wherever I go. I have no ambitions whatsoever of ever obtaining a harvest from any seeds I throw. But by throwing them, I increase the chances of wild propagation. Like dealing with pollution, we all have to do our part. Besides, our first president told us to sow the hemp seed widely.

BTW - if anybody else here (the regulars) respond, they're going to be rough on you. Don't take it personally. This site is not a good forum for illegal drug advocacy, but that may be because it is so hard to find lucid illegal drug advocates.
quarterbaker, Jan 04 2002

       I've tried the same thing, [turks], so the idea is baked as a failure. None of them sprouted. They evidently require careful nurturing at least through the seedling phase.   

       qb: I do find fairly lucid drug advocates around. They tell me to "G'wa' ".
neelandan, Jan 05 2002

       Possibly all three.
angel, Jan 07 2002

       Difficult, the hemp varieties that produce usable amounts of THC are carefully hybridised and breed to the point that they can't grow very well without carefull nurchuring (hence sales of hydroponics kits and lighting rigs for the dedicated indoor gardener). If you fancy having a handy source of rope and fabric growing in public spaces then go ahead, knock yourself out!
dare99, Jan 07 2002

       //you want to sow the shit so widely as to make it impossible to prevent access to it by young children//   

       Ah, come on, UB. Are we going to eradicate wild barley as well, just in case kiddies learn to brew beer. I can't imagine many young children are going to be doing anything at all dangerous with any of the wild cannabis that might just survive through germination, even assuming that the rather delicate THC-containing strains are among the survivors. If the female plants aren't separated from the male, they'll get fertilised and lose their potency.* Even allowing for the extremely limited potential narcotic effect from wild grass, I can't see even the most experimental ten year old having the patience to dry the stuff and spend a couple of weeks or months developing the skill of skinning up a decent joint. They'll just buy their spliffs pre-rolled at school along with their jellies, tabs and E's.   

       Anyhoo, the blessed 'erb is a lovely plant, with far more uses than as a pleasant little night-cap, so I'm croissanting even on the basis that it's the non-THC variants that survive.   

       *NB. According to George Washington's diary, he explicitly ordered the separation of male and female plants on one of his plantations, which, as I understand, is of little or no benefit, other than for the stoner reason.
Guy Fox, Jan 07 2002

       UnaBubba spends his spare time in woodland glades stomping on mushrooms lest they be magic. Also collecting rotten fruit lest it ferment. Luckily he hasn't discovered that bad TV is the most dangerous narcotic of all.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       I would rather such things as "recreational" drugs were made legal so the sales could be taxed, the size of the black market reduced and to allow people to both discuss these issues and ask for help in the open. The current illegal status gives some drugs a status and coolness that they don't deserve.
Aristotle, Jan 07 2002

       1) Just because someone uses recreational drugs does not mean that they rely on them.   

       2) Who is to say that [turks] is a drug user rather than the manager of a paper producing company, frustrated at the tight restrictions placed upon such a useful plant.   

       c) Does outlawing a plant not seem ridiculus to anyone else? It's liking deciding that pigeons are illegal and shooting them all.
stupop, Jan 07 2002

       Tobacco is legal, yet evasion of duty is extremely widespread. There's no need to legalise drugs for them to be discussed, as we're showing here.
angel, Jan 07 2002

       angel: This is essentially an anonymous forum. People are prone to not be all that keen to offer advice in public when this might lead to admission or suspicion of illegal activity and so timely advice can be discouraged. There is a big gap in reliable information about recreational drugs that does not exist for alcohol or tobacco.   

       However I strongly suspect that we do not share the same enthusiasm for reducing the black market and therefore reducing a major cause of lawlessness so I'll not argue this with you.
Aristotle, Jan 07 2002

       [Aristotle]: It's simple to reduce lawlessness even further; legalise everything.
angel, Jan 07 2002

       << I find joy in nature >> [blissmiss]   

       That's exactly what [turks] is advocating. I'm glad we don't need to fight over this.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       Perhaps it was a mistake to have put my idea under drug politics, but I love contentious issues and as any idiot knows(?), alcohol and tobacco are far more addictive and harmful than marijuana. Having said that, hemp has myriad uses and could go a long way in reducing our destruction of the natural world. Just one example is paper, which is presently produced at the expense of trees and uses a lot of expensive chemical processes. The production of paper from hemp results in a stonger product and requires far less meddling.   

       My hope is that urban proliferation of hemp could be a catalyst for public education. In this atmosphere I hope that 'cops with noxious chemicals' wouldn't be tolerated.   

       Maybe there are tough strains of this weed that require little or no maintenance.
turks, Jan 07 2002

       turks - there are very tough strains of hemp that require no maintenance at all. Back in the 30's, with WPA, "New Deal" civic projects such as dams and roadways, hemp was promoted (even given to communities by the US government) as a quick-growing, low/no-maintenance ground cover (to prevent erosion).

It seems that, however, as the THC count rises, maintenance issues rise. As a cultured, high-THC crop is left to fallow, its THC content will tend to drop with each successive generation. Conversely, some are saying that if one starts with a low-THC content strain, but cultivates it, that it will increase in THC with successive generations (even if you don't selectively breed for it).

Or so the growers' lore says.

In many places in the USA (I've seen several, in different states) where the WPA-type civic projects occurred, you can still find very large quantities of wild hemp growing. Look downstream from dams and bridges built around that time (30's, 40's), in largely rural areas.
quarterbaker, Jan 07 2002

       //I don't regard anyone who feels the need to rely upon recreational drugs, be they legal or otherwise, a whole human being.//   

       //They are often crutches for weak people, as are gambling and organised religion, for many people.//   

       Well, sure, but that's just a way of saying that people with a dependency are not independent. It's a tautology. One might equally well refuse to regard anyone who feels any need to rely upon anything - animal, vegetable or mineral, legal, illegal, chemical, ideological or social - as a whole human being. There's plenty of emotional vampires out there whose vice-free lives are matched only by their pathetic need for constant validation. Dependency runs a whole gamut from an individual's natural reliance on friends and family - as and when needs must - to the sort of full-blown, craven and miserable, abject spinelessness of the junkie where dependency is just a way of abrogating responsibility for their own life. I won't comment on where I think religion falls in this mix but I'd agree that gambling is a similar type of *crutch*. Hell, even relationships can be a way to feed that greedy need.   

       However, a few bars of chocolate won't make you a chocaholic. A weekly game of poker won't inevitably lead to you losing your life's savings in Vegas. I've known a number of cannabis users, in my time, whose use ranges from occassional to regular to often. The only two that I'd consider to be compulsive users - psychologically dependent on the drug - were or are basically neurotic / depressive types who, had they not latched on to the drug, would have simply found some other crutch. One has since stopped toking but remains a thoroughly tiresome pain-in-the-ass. The other, as a long-term depressive for whom most prescribed medications have a tendency to cause psychotic episodes, continues to partake simply in order to a) get a decent night's sleep once in a while, and, b) stave off the suicide impulses with just a little instant gratification. In acting as a sort of rubber-ceiling / rubber-floor drug like Prozac or more traditional sedatives, cannabis, in this case, works where the prescribed meds simply don't. Granted, this is hardly a definition of a whole human being but the cannabis dependency is symptomatic here, not causative, and I'd really rather he didn't kill himself, as he's really a rather nice person underneath the monkey on his back.   

       These are, by far, the minority, though, I'd have to say, with the majority of users I know being quite competent, capable individuals no more dependent on their late night spliffs than they are on that cup of coffee in the morning, or the chocolate bar at breaktime, or the little 1/2B session in the afternoon, or the Saturday night of social drinking down the pub, or the adrenalin-firing computer game in the evening, or any recreational pursuit, social or individual that gets the endorphins flowing and causes that terrible, dangerous thing called pleasure - the ultimate basis of any psychological dependency such as that on cannabis.   

       Gutless, spineless, ball-less, soul-less, shiftless slackers are gutless, spineless, ball-less, soul-less, shiftless slackers, whether they're stoners, alkies, emotional vampires or just plain gits. I really think the tendency to lump the majority of coherent and responsible casual users in with a few shit-for-brains fuckwits is an unfounded demonisation of a substance generally less destructive than alcohol.   

       As for the worry about kids, I just don't think that this would make the procurement of drugs *easier* at all. Wild cannabis might provide a ready supply of seeds for those who wished to cultivate their own personal supply, but, in and of themselves, the wild plants would be of neglible narcotic value as soon as they'd been pollinated. A kid with a little initiative might just learn to sex the plants, dry them correctly, cultivate from wild seeds and so on, but even so they would, in all likelihood, end up with less of a hit than they'd get from a banana skin... although they might pick up a few practical, botanical skills on their way.
Guy Fox, Jan 07 2002

       Thank you, Guy Fox.

BTW - will you go out with me?
quarterbaker, Jan 07 2002

       qb - its true then, its the end for us?
po, Jan 07 2002

       //from Guy Fox's link:   


       --The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something. //   

       Help me! I'm addicted to horses, dogs, and books....
Susen, Jan 07 2002

       I've come in a little late on this but it makes great reading - I'm a bit concerned for unabubba in his outrage, I can feel his blood pressure rising to dangerous levels :   

       // mentally incapable of living life in our community as a normal adult // !!!   

       (weed) //causes teenage boys to lose their capability to work// !!!   

       blimey - strong stuff. (or wicked gear if you like). I would venture that living life in "our" community as a "normal" adult is not necessarily at the top of the stoner's agenda, as is a "capability to work" but hey, it takes all sorts and how would one section of "our" society be able to enjoy "our" sanctimoniousness if it were not for the other section guzzling all the Pringles eh?   

       I prefer Ketamine myself, but only in moderation. Oh, the idea's daft anyway cos we all know anti cannibis enforcement is futile whatever.
notripe, Jan 07 2002

       [quarterbaker]: Will ye bake me some brownies if I get you a quarter? :-)
Guy Fox, Jan 07 2002

       Breaking News:
A vocal and at times furious argument between clashing members of Protestors of the Ethical Treatment of Addicts (PETA) and Potheads for the Ethical Treatment of Activists (PETA) was disrupted today when members of both groups were scattered by gunshots and stained by hurled bloody rags. It was reported that an as-of-yet unidentified group of counterdemonstrators arrived and began shouting, shooting at the crowd, and flinging bloody items at the fleeing mob.

       Although several PETA members were slightly injured in their flight, all have thusfar refused blood tests for exposure to possibly contaminated blood. Said one PETA speaker, who declined to be identified because she "has a job, man!", "You ain't testing my blood for s**t, as***le! I have a job, man!" No identifications were made and police are predicting no arrests, but an investigation of weapons possession charges continues.
reensure, Jan 08 2002

       That last speaker needs to be a Registered Shaman (see link).
Aristotle, Jan 08 2002

       Put me in a straitjacket and I will be good.   

       Put me among people in straitjackets and they will not harm me.   

       Illegally, it is true, I have been able to experience the stuff and decide that I would rather be awake with a clear mind rather than spend my days in a lethargic haze. I would not like my fellow men to be deprived of the opportunity to experience, and decide for themselves, what way to spend their lives.   

       When somebody takes away through legislation my opportunity of experimenting with psychotropic substances "for my own good" I feel that my freedom has been infringed upon.   

       Among the annotations above there is material for evidence that the people who abuse their body chemistry are the people with emotional or psychological problems. More effort at helping people with problems, rather than efforts to ban substances on the grounds that "some people abuse them" is, I feel, the preferred approach to the situation.   

       That said, those days I was   

       on a sinking boat   

       aware that   

       I was   



       O O   

       o o   

       . .   

neelandan, Jan 08 2002

       and where was it out of context exactly?
notripe, Jan 08 2002

       Guy Fox - I hadn't quite thought of my moniker in that fashion, but I kinda like it! And, my answer is yes. Does that mean yours is yes as well?
quarterbaker, Jan 08 2002

       <gurgle> ... And, dear [turks], before sowing seeds sow information. That this drug is vile. That it will make you stay on a sinking boat ... and like it.
neelandan, Jan 09 2002

       I saw Reefer Madness too!   

       Why is it that people with dogma spewing tendencies and a genetic predisposition to curmudgeonliness assume that others will share their self-righteous need for judgement to prop up th eir narrow, shallow, snivelling lives?   

       There have been a proven number of theraputic effects from responsible THC consumption, yet you want to damn the shit so solidly as to make it impossible to gain access to it by respon sible adults?   

       This *will* attract criticism. Probably from those who confuse age with wisdom, mentally inc apable of entertaining the idea of recreational drug use, or are utter fuckwits.
Farrod, Jan 09 2002

       Fly me to the moon, cubie.   

       Why do I get the feeling that we're about to see some char-grilling here? I keep thinking, any time now, any time now. Ah well. Play nice, children. Or play rough, if'n that's how ye like it.   

       [neelandan]: it's a good metaphor, but I'm not sure that it's *information*. I kind of agree with the basics of your statement, though. It would be great to see a much wider understanding of the actual effects of cannabis use - harmful or beneficial. But I think, in some ways, we suffer from an overload of slanted research and skewed statistics used by parties on both sides of the argument to justify their position; people just end up choosing to believe the *information* that supports what they already believe.   

       Personally, I believe that in retrospect we'll look back on cannabis prohibition in the same light as we now see the prohibition of alcohol in America last century, or the criminality of coffee-houses in Europe in previous centuries - as another misconceived and ultimately ineffectual attempt to proscribe a potentially hazardous, but also potentially beneficial, activity which cannot really and, to my mind, _should_ not be controlled by simply outlawing it. I think it'll be a few years before we can get past the 'Drugs Are Evil' / 'Ganja Is God' divide and reach a sensible balance.
Guy Fox, Jan 09 2002

       Beware, for reading is one of those habbits that I lean upon. Kudos to Susen.   

       out of it a cultural history of intoxication, stuart walton.   

       ISBN 0-241-14038-2 if you're interested.
Farrod, Jan 09 2002

       As with everything in life, a little hash, sometimes- is going to pose no problem at all to the human body, which has to deal with toxins all the time- sprays, car fumes,passivesmoking,radiation(from more things than you'd like to know about). Alchohol and cigarettes kill and harm people everyday. Hash after long term use and abuse causes many side effects and problems..these people will use one thing or another to make themselves feel better. Hash was among all the other plants earth provides. Before civilisation, kids had much more than a few hash plants at their fingertips- magic mushrooms,poisonous weeds. And by the way, its not easy to grow in britain, we all have to tin foil our cupboards up here!
isla, Apr 24 2002

       As the son of a former cop, I think I'm rather glad we don't have THC-producing dandelions or other aggressively-reproducing hallucinogenic plants...
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002

       I really think that If you look at the amount of people that smoke pot they are very "high". I wouldnt doubt that the president himself smokes pot.Alot of people do it and if they made it legal with restrictions like booze Like " Don't smoke and drive but even that I find I drive better stoned Im more on the edge i notice things that i wouldnt normaly wouldnt.
Stonerworldwide, Jun 13 2002

       Oh man, that's priceless. "i notice things that i wouldnt normaly wouldnt."   

       Have another doobie, there, fried-brain. My biggest fear is that there are freaks on the road like you.
waugsqueke, Jun 13 2002

       "the marijuana usage among teenagers in amsterdam is the lowest of any major city in europe." <Peppe, 2005>   

       Peppe feels very strongly on this matter. plz do not hurt his feeling.
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 22 2005

       When stonerworldwide is high, I notice things i wouldnt normaly wouldnt too.
david_scothern, Feb 22 2005

       A benefit of this idea is that police could dramatically cut down fields of rebel hemp, preferably using scythes. Police dogs could be trained to pull up hemp plants and worry them like squirrels. TV camers would put it all on the news. All this would help reinforce that the police are looking out for us and enforcing the law. Right now the brothels bear the brunt of this sort of public law enforcement, and they could use some help.
bungston, Feb 22 2005

       If this idea goes to seed and comes to fruition, the world shall end! Neither dropst Thou the sky upon our humble heads, oh Lord, nor send us unto Hell in a hand-basket. For my people's Opiate is Holy, and the usurper cannabis shall fall, as is your will. Leave us not spiritually crippled that we will hoist ourselves upon his crutch, for it is the Devil's crutch! Panama Red! Thief of women, and heads! Lord, we beseech Thee, protect us, for we know, Saviour, the drugs, and not the decisions, are the true Evil! Amen. R.I.P, H.S.T
Wisconsin, Feb 22 2005

       Baked as the practice of Overgrowing.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005

       //I do, however, stand by my conviction that it is not clever to make the procurement of drugs easier for children.//   

       I concur wholeheartedly. However, as has been stated, a 10-year-old would have to pick it and learn how to dry it, pick out the parts that would get them high, roll it, smoke it, etc. It would be a lot easier for someone to buy from a local dealer than to do all this. In fact, that's why dealers exist: if everyone knew how to pick something out of the ground and turn it into usable drugs, nobody would buy the stuff in already-'processed' form.   

       //Oh really? Define addiction.//   

       As defined by Narcotics Anonymous (quite an authority, if you ask me!), "an addict is a person whose life is controlled by drugs", not "a person who uses drugs". If every drug user is an addict, why do so many collegiate users find it easy to stop when they graduate and need to find a job? In fact, Campus Health studies at the university I attended showed that most marijuana smokers at the school in question stopped by their junior year and never considered themselves addicts.   

       The idea here, I guess, is to plant so much dope everywhere that the government can't ignore it. Sounds like a silly way to change the law, to me; if this truly went widespread, the ONDCP and whomever would just use it against legalization advocates, saying, "See? Look how they're trying to circumvent the law." And they'd be absolutely right. Instead of breaking the law, those who would advocate legalization should support legal measures like lobbying. There are lobbying groups out there who take legalization ideals to Washington. Those who are sympathetic to that cause would not have to put the pipe down for very long to find such groups and donate the next month's stash money to them.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005


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