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Certified Intoxicologists

Board Certified Intoxicologists: Professional Guidance for Inebriation
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Over the years, I have availed myself of opportunites to try a wide variety of drugs, illegal and legal. Most of these experiences were undertaken with no guidance whatsoever, exposing me to great risk of injury, bad trips, or ineffective doses.

I propose that experienced folks such as myself form a Board of Intoxicology, charged with certifying Intoxicologists. These folks will know exactly how much peyote is required for full visual effects, without inducing nausea. Or what kind of environment best fits a mushroom trip.

Without professional self-regulation, druggies' hope of legalization is just a pipe dream.

[[OK, so I just happen to have a fancy for the word "intoxicologist," which I believe I coined (though I may be wrong - please provide prior art).]]
quarterbaker, Dec 27 2001

Paradise Engineering http://www.bltc.com/
All this probably looks great with java enabled. [reensure, Dec 27 2001]

found it http://www.erowid.o...psychoactives.shtml
Lotsa drug lore here... [snarfyguy, Dec 29 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I just don't see how people have the spare time to try any type of drugs (other than pain killers for when you have too many stalls to clean and horses to ride)....   

       I find the only time I even think about alcohol is when I'm depressed....and, that being a dangerous thing, I just go do more work until I'm not in the mood or too tired to think about drinking anything other than a Mountain Dew.....
Susen, Dec 27 2001

       Peter, you are so right of course as always - however I think younger people may listen to what qb and his friends have to say ; as he has more street cred. than the government or various health agencies etc.
po, Dec 27 2001

       When you attend a party this holiday season, don't assume the drinks are free. Ask, and ask often.
reensure, Dec 27 2001

       Free of what?
DrBob, Dec 28 2001

       Try the www. There're a few sites out there dedicated to this very area of endeavor. I used to have one on my "favorites" list, but then I got afraid...
snarfyguy, Dec 28 2001

       What are the drinks?
thumbwax, Dec 28 2001

       Concomitant with this noble endeavour, we should create a drug combination matrix. I myself have tried almost every drug and many binary combinations thereof. If you look at the discussion re: Technology Diffusion Matrix, according to the wise gentleman from the PTO, some of these combinations could be patentable. There is money to be made here, my friends.
mystic2311, Dec 23 2003

       When I grow up, I want to be a Certified Public Intoxicologist.
jaksplat, Jan 22 2005


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