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Ooh... that's gonna leave a mark
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So I managed to catch a glimpse of this show 'Extreme Dodgeball' on TV the other day. The problem was, it wasn't extreme at all. It was just full grown adults playing gym class dodgeball with announcers trying to make it sound cool.

Anything having the word 'Extreme' in the title should depict a sport where the worst that can happen isn't just a bloody nose or some broken glasses.

CannonBall is just regular dodgeball, but with air cannons. One floor mounted cannon per team, rapid charged up to 100PSI by a behind-the-scenes air compressor system. No helmets, no pads, no whining. All regular dodgeball rules apply, get in there, get that ball and stuff it in the cannon.

Mr Burns, Jun 28 2004

Seriously, I'm not kidding http://www.gsn.com/...nts.php?link_id=S42
[Mr Burns, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]




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