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Big Sport

Massive Multi-Player Team Sports
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Imagine a game of football (soccer or "american") spread across an entire college campus, hundreds of players on each team dozens of umpires situated in promontory locations. The strategy: Move your ball to one of the opposing team's goals using the terrain to your advantage. Conventional rules would apply but a "capture the flag" style of game play would develop. Some players would act as spotters, others would spread out in hopes of participating in a glorious pass or interception. Games that deserve "BIG SPORT" versions: Soccer, Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, all the big rectangular field sports, even bicycle polo and ultimate-Frisbee. While the teams would still have stars, the need for a high degree of team co-ordination would favor training over raw talent. Modern technology could be integrated with the use of two way radios for the players and GPS by the umpires to determine field margins. At quarters the teams switch sides to correct terrain bias. Teams would need players with diverse talents; sprinters, spotters, long distance punters, defensive players, but communication skills and team co-ordination would trump having a few imported burly lads. Lets get the entire town or college involved in the game. Spectators could crowd the windows and doorways cheering their team on as they make street to street passes. Property damage and crowd control would be part of the mix just as in automotive rally events. Close the downtown for Thursday evening scrimmage and take all comers. Talk about civic pride. Let it be done!
WcW, Dec 07 2008

Inspiring title, no idea. make_20rugby_20bigger
I thought he was on to something until I read it [WcW, Dec 07 2008]

Mob football http://expertfootba...ry_mob_football.php
History of football in the UK [imaginality, Dec 07 2008]

Uppies and Downies in Workington http://www.uppiesan...ies.info/index.html
Pretty interesting info on Workington's traditional football matches [imaginality, Dec 07 2008]


       opsie, no all caps titles. How crass of me.
WcW, Dec 07 2008

       [admin: yes.]
Interesting. I'd call this version "Massively Multiplayer Sport." Maybe use more balls at the same time, too?
jutta, Dec 07 2008

       This is kinda how football (soccer) was played, centuries ago in the UK. Teams from neighbouring towns trying to get the ball into the opposing team's town square. See link. One or two towns still play a version of this each year.
imaginality, Dec 07 2008

       thats really neat. Is anybody doing this nowadays?
WcW, Dec 07 2008

       Offhand I could only think of Kirkwall, where they play once or twice a year. I've just found this website though (linked) which lists a few other places (see the 'Games in Other Areas' link).
imaginality, Dec 07 2008


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