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Soccer on Basketball Court
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Soccer goal is same size/height as basketball backboard - no hoop, instead it is netted, much as a standard soccer goal would be.
Court dimensions are standard basketball dimensions.
2 Teams
5 Players to a side
Put soccer ball into net for points
In basketcase, a Goalie is restricted to inside 3 point range of opposite end of court - Goalie may handle ball, but as in case of inbounds passes, also a rule of this game - ball must touch another player, whether by header or foot contact, in order to assist in scoring of goal.
3 points from outside 3 point range, during course of normal play - as in Basketball
2 points from inside 3 point range...
1 point for successful penalty kicks at any range.
Goal scoring should be much higher than Foothoops
thumbwax, Aug 28 2002


       Sounds fun.   

       Problem could be that cos of the height of the goal, the ball will more often be played above ground (for volleys etc) and more scrappy than proper football.   

       And it can't be replicated by 'jumpers for goal posts'.
Jinbish, Aug 28 2002

       Possible boncy floors to make it more interesting? it could give the game an extra angle of skill (or luck depending on how well you play).
Bugsy, Aug 28 2002

       do they still make boncy floors? well, well.
po, Aug 28 2002

       Is this a predict what I'm listening to idea?
kaz, Aug 28 2002

       is the ball, a regular soccer size ball?
po, Aug 28 2002

       po: That is correct

mind-bender: I anticipate this game would have more points than a *football aka soccer* match.
thumbwax, Aug 28 2002

       Sorry 'wax but I think you must have been out in the sun to long. The paragraph starting "In basketcase..." is utter gibberish. Not that it matters, of course, 'cause I was going to fishbone you on principle anyway just for being an American trying to do something with the rules of football. :O)
DrBob, Aug 28 2002

       and totally ignored the off-side rule which is a must.
po, Aug 28 2002

       The games rules aren't set in stone. The Rules Modification Committee consists of halfbakers - so modify as you see proper.
thumbwax, Aug 28 2002

       thumbwax: "more points" - yeah, that wouldn't exactly be difficult...
DrCurry, Aug 28 2002


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