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Capcha Zen Koans

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Since robots are getting pretty good at cracking normal capcha these days... and may one day be able to solve most questions via neural networks...

We may one day need to resort to Zen capcha.

Ya know? Those koans


Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?

mofosyne, Feb 13 2016


       Show me your original operating system, before you were compiled.
smendler, Feb 13 2016

       First lesson, is there is no Koans. Coming from someone who spends time at lengthy Zen Buddhist Retreats, I can tell you that for sure. Koans are just an answer-less question with a fancy name. Pooo sha. But I do like the idea of these.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2016

       Hold on a minute, how would a person answer a koan differently to a robot? All you'd need to do is get the robot to reply "Eh?" and you've got a similar response to maybe 90% of the population.   

       And even if a person does answer, they might laugh, or harumpf, or just realise they've been spending too long on the internet.   

       And, what's more - far from the type of robots you get in Star-Trek that start emitting smoke and bumping into walls shouting "DOES NOT COMPUTE - IF SPOCK TELLS THE TRUTH THEN HE MUST BE A LIAR - IF SPOCK IS A LIAR THEN HE MUST TELL THE TRUTH! - DOES NOT COMPUTE - ERROR! ERROR!" etc, it's likely that any proper artificial intelligence will be quite emotional, more emotional than we'd like anyway, and (independently or otherwise) quite capable of getting their zen-on.
zen_tom, Feb 16 2016

       So, simply replace it with someone that ain't got no rhythm.
RayfordSteele, Feb 16 2016


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