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Elitist Capcha

"Completely Automated Public Intelligence test to tell idiots and geniuses Apart."
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It is a capcha program whose challenge is a multiple choice.

It will give you 4 different option, you need to choose the right one. (all is scrambled a bit to prevent bots as well from guessing)

You can also have different varying levels of difficulty.

One question may be like... 1+3 = ?

but some pages will require harder answers (e.g. maths questions you find in exams).


The test doesn't have to be about maths, it can be anything! Like history. (e.g. registration to a history forum, forces you to find out the name of a particular president of USA)

mofosyne, Jul 28 2010


       This may in fact be a good way to quality control usership. What kind of test would hb have?
rcarty, Jul 28 2010

       maybe a test on how to bake a croissant?
mofosyne, Jul 28 2010

       English-language sites, for example, might test you on rules of capitalization, punctuation, and so on -- but that would exclude some otherwise good posts, as illustrated by this idea.   

       //What kind of test would hb have?// If this were implemented at the HB (and I don't think it should be) the test would certainly be a quiz on the marked-f0r-deletion categories).
mouseposture, Jul 29 2010

       ...karaoke capchas...
DrWorm, Jul 29 2010

       The general spirit of what you're advocating was baked (perhaps overbaked) back in the day as the newsgroup alt.hack
LoriZ, Jul 29 2010

       Maybe we can use this to determine who has the mental capacity to vote in federal elections...
Cedar Park, Jul 29 2010

       I was expecting a captcha the displays words found exclusively in Victorian prose.
Cuit_au_Four, Aug 03 2010

       No, in an obscure and hard-to-enter character set such as ogham or cuneiform, shirley?
pocmloc, Aug 03 2010

       And for 4chan, it would be if you could "triforce"... (No idea how to write it :/ )
mofosyne, Jul 11 2014


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