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this space intentionally left blank
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To gain entrance, guess what the server is thinking of.
Loris, Oct 16 2013


       "Six times Nine"
8th of 7, Oct 16 2013

       No. The answer is 42, remember?
Vernon, Oct 16 2013

       No server. You may not eviscerate me and wear my guts for garters.
Bad server!

       Psychotic CAPTCHA: to gain entrance, guess what the server thinks whoever the server is thinking of is thinking of.
sninctown, Oct 17 2013

       Why must we begin from the premise that the human is the subordinate entity seeking access to a greater entity, aka, the server?   

       Make the server guess what you're thinking. If the server is correct, then grace it with your sentient attention for as long or as short as you please.
the porpoise, Oct 17 2013

       Why must we begin with a premise? Just enter a random string and get random data back.   

       Actually isn't that how the internet works most of the time?
pocmloc, Oct 21 2013

       Perhaps this idea itself is a CAPTCHA and the annotations are attempts to gain entrance to the server.
the porpoise, Oct 21 2013


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