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Anti-Tailgating Fumigation
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Finger-shaped knob on the dashboard. Pull it and the fuel injector mixes in a lethal dose of some foul smelling oily substance that creates a gaseous cloud in the face of the annoying tailgater. They will be forced to back off or pull around.
knightEknight, Aug 22 2003

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       I fear the results of hundreds of these in a traffic jam.
Pseudonym #3, Aug 22 2003

       ..In a tunnel.
DeathNinja, Aug 22 2003

       If you see an attractive man/woman tailgaiting you whom you would like to follow you home, could you also press a button to release a puff of fresh baked cinnamon rolls or another equally enticing aroma?
tchaikovsky, Aug 22 2003

       castor oil + wd40. Whatever you do, don't back up. Permanent shellac.
thumbwax, Aug 23 2003

       // some foul smelling oily substance that creates a gaseous cloud   

       So how is this different from petrol?
Brummo, Aug 23 2003


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