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Car-ma tickets

Call a 900 number, pay $0.50, and report a "bad" licence plate.
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When the bad guy gets 100 calls his car is issued a $50 ticket. The systems gets $100 each time a ticket is issued, thus paying for set up and advertizing. The cost to report the jerk should go a long way toward avoiding ballot stuffing.
yesPlease, Sep 16 2001

Car-Ma http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Car-Ma
You do realize that this is pretty much exactly the same thing... [StarChaser, Sep 16 2001]


       Yes. It is similar... that's why the name is similar. But the original Car-Ma required lots of new hardware and had some other bugs to work out. This just needs cell phones (or a pad of paper to note the jerk's license plate). The central system could be easily paid for with the 900 and ticket revenue...
yesPlease, Sep 16 2001

       A 900-number cost would be far more expensive to me than simply giving the jerk the benefit of my middle finger. You've gotta do something other than charge via a method usually lumped in to buying the services of psychics and naked women in steamy online videos and telephone calls.
djanaba, Sep 17 2001

       I think yesPlease intended that. If calling the CarMa number has a small but nonzero price people are more likely to only do it when they're actually pissed off, so the system will work better (in theory).
wiml, Sep 19 2001

       [yesPlease] obtained a user account two days before posting this idea, and then was never heard from again.   

       This idea is brought to you courtesy of the random button.
normzone, Sep 26 2016


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