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Car Boot Boot

Permanently attached parking violation boots to the ground below.
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Kit comes complete with tools you need to free your tire from the parking enforcment boot they put on your car and everthing you need to attach the boot to the street. Drill, expansion mollys and chain.
doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2022

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       Very "stick it to the man" [+]
21 Quest, Mar 02 2022

       (Looks at notes, mumbles quietly under breath while reading.) Let's see... free car... attach boot to road... stick it to the man.... Yes, that's it.
doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2022

       Imagines Dr R. beaming at his success in attaching the clamp to the ground, and then going... aaah... you're meant to release it from your tyre first... aaah... ummm... Help me out here Officer I seem to have got myself into a bit of a pickle eh what downcher know me ole mucker matey? feck.
pocmloc, Mar 02 2022

       But at least no sniper bones.   

       Remember kids: "Bone it? Own it."   

       A message from Bunzy and Bonezy, the Halfbakery cartoon character mascots.
doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2022


       ...AngleGrinderMan appears!
<with some theme song he hasn't decided on yet>

       ...but will be inspirational and totally epic when he finally does.   

       ...except you can't quite make out the lyrics, or the tune, over the noise of the grinding.
pocmloc, Mar 03 2022

       //...AngleGrinderMan appears! <with some theme song he hasn't decided on yet>//   

       (theme song music starts)   

       "Angle Grinder Man, what's that in your hand?"   

       "It's an angle grinder ma'm!"   

       "No I mean the other hand."   

       "I've got a nervous habit where I grab my junk, but I'm here to free that boot from that Dr3 punk!"   

       Get it? I've added quirky depth to the Angle Grinder Man's character. (He used to be a baseball pitcher and that's what they do.)   

       There, now at least I've earned that sniper bone that just dropped.
doctorremulac3, Mar 03 2022


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