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crime scene

Build crime scenes and delay police with them
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Someone who may fear the law is after them would do well to know the address of a prepared crime scene. Here's how it works:

A company sets up ambiguous crime scenes at various locations. These include bloodied weapons, computers and disks, money, and objects that smell of drugs and explosives. A man being chased has pre-purchased the address of this crime scene and lets that address be somehow leaked. The investigators waste manpower and time investigating this fake scene giving the chasee more time to get away.
Voice, Jan 18 2011


       I once considered a great way to bury a body. Go out in the woods and bury the body 6ft. under and put three feet of dirt on top and then put a dead dog down there and finish covering the hole. When the police dogs find the spot the diggers will think they were just led to the poor hunter's dead dog and will discontinue excavating the hole, presumably.   

       I'm not a serial killer, but it's fun to think like one. [+]
daseva, Jan 18 2011

       It's even more fu to be one ... try it, you'll like it.
8th of 7, Jan 18 2011

       //will discontinue excavating the hole//   

       Not if they notice that the freshly disturbed earth extends further into the ground beyond the dead dog.   

       I imagine the people who excavate suspected dodgy burial sites will spot something like this.
Wrongfellow, Jan 19 2011

       That's a real crime scene for abetting.
rcarty, Jan 19 2011

       [Daseva] - But the police dog will know there's a human down there somewhere. What you have to do is bury the main victim 6 feet down, but also kill a stranger and bury him 3 feet down. Then they never find the main guy and there's no motive connecting you to the death of some stranger, so they won't suspect you.
phundug, Jan 19 2011

       ooh, now we know who the real killer is...hah!
xandram, Jan 19 2011

       OOoooohh... yes, [phundug], very keen. Two bodies in the hole is worth none in the hand.
daseva, Jan 19 2011

       //I'm not a serial killer, but it's fun to think like one.//   

       hmmmm, fun to 'pretend' to think like one maybe.
Just hypothetically, say folks could jump into each others heads for a bit and see not just what the other person sees but also for a time feel their emotional state, then I'm bettin that for decent people it wouldn't be fun.
Not much hypothetical fun at all.

       You just can't un-see or un-think some shit.   

       What's it like to be a bat? Shall I hang upside down in my closet, wear ultrasonic transducer headphones, equip myself with a sonar megaphone, glue hair all over myself and poop on the carpet beneath me? Will that give me a glimpse of what it feels like to be a bat??   

       I'm agreeing with the fry man, that is.
daseva, Jan 19 2011

       bun for bat poop
Voice, Jan 19 2011

       // folks could jump into each others heads for a bit //   

       Easy-peasy ..   

       // see not just what the other person sees but also for a time feel their emotional state //   

       Eeurgh, horrible ....   

       // You just can't un-see or un-think some shit //   

       That's why we never Assimilate members of Congress. We may be an evil hegemonising swarm bent on the total domination of the Universe, but we do have SOME moral standards.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2011

       That's a given...   

       Bats I never thought about. Sonar could be cool.   

       Interesting idea [Voice] but just basic misdirection making said company culpable for fraud and complicity in any crime commited under its aiding and abettedness...so Government run it is then.   


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