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Car Flatulence Elimination System

Now your car wont smell
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This system installed in the bottom cushions of your cars seats is attached to the intake manifold vacuum system of your cars engine. A constant low level vacuum flow pulls any excess emmissions from you and pulls them into the engine intake.

Extra benfits include small additional methane boost for your engine and no more embarassing incidents with family friends, coworkers or worst of all dates.

Cost to produce is minimal as are the engineering requirements.

jhomrighaus, Apr 08 2006

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       A "for" vote for sure, but something to buffer the vacuum during times of acceleration (when vacuum is low) might be in order, since acceleration sometimes induces flatulence.
BruceRH90, Apr 08 2006

       I recently took a long roadtrip on an old bus with a small lavatory in the back. The smell wasn't very good at times, and I had thought that a similar vacuum system would work to suck out some of the smell. I also thought you might run the risk of someone throwing small rocks into this inlet as a prank and ruining the engine.
discontinuuity, Apr 08 2006

       Rocks shouldn't be a problem for this system, unless you need a cholostomy bag.   

       I expect a low level vacuum applied via a series of small bore tubes and check valves would do the trick. Maybe with a discreet "popper" button so the system doesn't continuously fight with the HVAC and suck cold air into the car through the outlet vents. The button could be located on the steering wheel for the driver, and the seat squab for the passenger.   

       The kids could take great delight in watching for surreptitious operation of these buttons - "Mom, Dad dropped another one!"
egbert, Apr 09 2006

       I read the idea title, bunned it and am now anno-ing without reading idea. Enough said.
Jinbish, Apr 09 2006

       I would hate to be an upholsterer replacing the cushion on said car... imagine the pattern left on the internal foam!
proplrhed, Apr 09 2006

       When I first read this idea's title late last night I thought it said Cat Flatulence Elimination System, and I imagined it was about introducing Beano into your kitty's diet.
Note to Brits - Beano is a dietary supplement designed to reduce flatulence.
I really need to get more sleep...
Canuck, Apr 09 2006

       proplrhed, I think I would hate to be the upholsterer replacing the cushion on a car WITHOUT this system.
jhomrighaus, Apr 10 2006

       Add a hose for connecting baby seats, please.
Shz, Apr 10 2006

       I keep reading this as Cat Flatulence Elimination System.   

skinflaps, Apr 10 2006

       Is abit weird, eh bigsheep?
skinflaps, Apr 10 2006

       So, you're on a date, and you let a loud one rip, lean over confidently, press a button, and a get a muffled "hmmmmffff". You are one smooooth operator. Guaranteed home run that night, eh?   

       You'd need to put those Bose Noise active sound cancellation things in the seat too.
sophocles, Apr 10 2006

       I'll add to this puerile string of annotations by remarking that, as it was proven by Dr Corinth Morter-Lewis' team at the University of Belize's Toledo Campus, it is the silent farts that are the deadliest, hence noise cancellation technology would not be necessary.
methinksnot, Apr 11 2006

       //coworkers or worst of all dates.//   

       If I had the 'worst of all dates', I wouldn't care about the odd fart, here or there.
Ling, Apr 11 2006

       I think it has to do with the first syllable in 'flatulence'   

       cat, flat, you see?
daseva, Apr 11 2006

       //Now your car wont smell//
Color me skeptical. Have any of you seen my car?
Letsbuildafort, Apr 11 2006


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