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Car Fumes

Easily remove carbon monoxide
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People should know that if they are driving on a long trip and they are getting very sleepy that (1 ) this sleepiness may be caused by carbon monoxide and (2) that rolling the windows down as driving may not help to clean the air, but (3) putting something like a disposable plastic salad bowl or other curved plate or bowl to be held in the side window forward slant, will remove this carbon monoxide and they will fully wake up quickly. This bowl acts as an air scoop that reaches out, and forces fresh air that is forward of the car into the drivers area. The problem is that cars are shaped like an airplane wing, and even while the windows are down air is pulled out the windows, and not in. The government and the manufacturers will not admit this. This helping experience has happened to me many times with many different vehicles. I wish there was a way to let everyone know about this idea, in order to help save many of the lives that are lost due to people falling asleep while driving.
Baron Harris, Feb 23 2007

Petition to install CO detectors in vehicles http://www.mcsrr.or...eases/nhtsa01p.html
"The death penalty is not appropriate for the unwary owner of a poorly designed car." [jutta, Feb 23 2007]


       I get what you're saying, but //The government and the manufacturers will not admit this. // is a bit left-of-field.   

       Any statistics or evidence to back that up?   

       Oh btw I've found you open one front window, and the back window on the other side, get's a great cross-flow happening due to the pressure differential.
Custardguts, Feb 23 2007

       So when you open the windows and they suck out all the air in the car, what replaces it? Custard?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 23 2007


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