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Car candle

No more terrible smells in your car
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Ok now i know the point of those rear-view-mirror-trees is to keep your car smelling good but when somthing gross has been spilled on the road in an accident or you drive by the local compost or fertilizer mountain, the trees just dont cut it. Solution: keep a candle in a little niche built into the dashboard with a sort of shell on three sides. Upon flicking a switch on your button panel thingy, a built-in cigarette lighter type device ignites one of those extremely strong scented candles - like the cinnamon kind. Of course its cubby-hole would be accessible so you could clean out the wax and replace the candle. Just keep the back window down a little bit so you dont suffocate but don't blow out the candle goin 50 down the highway either.
CombatChuck, Jun 17 2005


       you really need a flame to light a candle, methinks. how about a giant incense stick mounted on the bonnet? (hood?)
po, Jun 18 2005

       I just push the Air Recirc. toggle button until the smell source (tannery, silage, SUV exhaust) is past.
Adze, Jun 18 2005

       Not sure about that one [po]. Unless it was meant to also be an aerial replacement. Or involves custard in some way.
hidden truths, Jun 18 2005

       no custard was eaten before, during or indeed after that last anno.
po, Jun 18 2005

       So can a cat, apparently. But it needs to be changed every 5000 miles.
Basepair, Jun 18 2005


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