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Car Hammock

A Hammock in your car
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This is a product you use for when you have to, or choose to, sleep in your car.

Its a hammock that hangs over your seats (when folded down) that allows you to stretch out when you sleep (The hammock runs the length, not width, of the car. Of course) It attaches with ropes or straps that go out through the windows and over the roof. The windows can be rolled up almost completely, no problem. A seal could be made that fits the frame of the window and allows only a small hole or slot for the strap or rope to fit through keeping the interior climate somewhat constant. For smaller cars, the hammock could be positioned diagonally.

The car hammock is easily stored in the trunk because of its small size and ability to fold up.

leif980, May 23 2006

(?) they call these Pet Car hammocks. http://www.store.ya...bay/petcarseha.html
Not really a hammock to swing in. [xandram, May 23 2006]


       Nothing better then falling asleep in a car while it's moving (well perhaps on a boat, or an airplane, or possibly eating lobster is better then falling asleep in all of those, or perhaps eating shrimp is even better then eating lobster, and maybe, just maybe there things even better then eating in general but still, the car thingy is pretty nice in its own right) but if you add the possibility of deploying this for the passenger so the driver can keep driving you get another bun. It would provide the perfect gentle rocking. Even standing still I bet you could get the hammock to rock against the suspention of the car, in short cool idea.
zeno, May 23 2006

       Awesome idea. No need to set up a tent if you can drive your car there. I wish that I had had (I love that phrase) this invention this past weekend. Sleeping among lots of tall trees and among tall metal poles (sailboats) in a tent while a violent thunderstorm passes overhead is unsettling.
consadine, May 23 2006

       I'd enjoy one of these, as I have slept in my car quite a few times, in many uncomfortable positions. +
xandram, May 23 2006

       [zeno] I'm just trying to imagine a passenger trying to get some sleep while driving around the (roundabout happy) British road system. At least the passenger would be bumped into the window, rather than the driver.
zen_tom, May 23 2006

       yep,cool idea indeed:) not too sure how you'd resolve the attachments for this. Perhaps a way would be to retro-fit a simple hook loop at front and back and you could just hook it onto these. I like the idea of the passenger using it while driving...although, you'd be in the perfect position to become a projectile if an accident happens. The straps through windows is cool, I wonder though if this wouldnt damage the windows? Car manufacturers could build this into their ATV and recreation models with attachment points and branded hammocks to hook in.
weasilboy, May 23 2006

       Unfortunately I drive a typically european car, in which it's even hard to fit a hammock while it's folded up. I doubt there's enough length to my car to fit me (and no, I don't find softly bumping my head on the windshield every few seconds very relaxing).   

       However, I keep dreaming of cars where these would fit, so here's my somewhat hammocky shaped bun.
Forthur, May 23 2006

       I am surprised none of the Scion Xb modders has done this. Hmmm. I could probably run a small eyelet into the frame in the front and back. Hmm.
Zimmy, May 23 2006

       good one.   

       The forces are actually quite strong. I remember doing a ball park estimate one lazy day while relaxing on a hammock, that if the angle was about 30 degrees on each end, the forces will be about 5 times body weight on each end. Most car roofs / windows wouldn't handle it unless it was designed in from the start. So, not as good as a retrofit, but quite nice as a feature from the start.
sophocles, May 23 2006


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