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Commuter Mods

Spend money to make your car slower
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Performance parts for a car typically improve the acceleration at the expense of fuel efficiency. Modifications typically include a longer and higher cam duration, intake and exhaust manifolds tuned for higher engine speeds, a lighter flywheel to reduce inertia at the expense of idling stability, and shorter gearing for a greater mechanical advantage at the expense of higher engine speed. Proposed are engine modifications designed for fuel efficiency at the expense of performance. The camshaft would be tuned for a shorter duration to optimize slower engine speeds (although a high lift would still make sense). The intake and exhaust manifolds would be tuned for lower RPMs. The flywheel would be heavier to enable a slower idle speed. The gearing would be taller to turn the engine more slowly and put it under more torque load at cruising speed.
kevinthenerd, Feb 20 2017


       Baked and WKTE.
8th of 7, Feb 20 2017


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