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Motley Car

No two alike!
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Cars which have one panel colored different from the rest have a certain panache. They also suffer from the taint of the junkyard. Motley Cars are born with that variegated appeal, or at least modified to have it shortly after birth.

A lot full of gaily colored standard cars mix up their panels, such that no two panels on one car are the same color. This could be done by a dealer looking for some attention. Good fun, cheap and the cars drive just the same.

bungston, May 02 2014

Only 72 of these cars will be made... http://liveforlivem...-tour/#.U2QrryhM7YQ
[normzone, May 02 2014]

Dazzle pattern Opel Kadett https://lh6.googleu...ral_Opel-Kadett.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, May 03 2014]


       I should mention that the Motley Cars are all the same make and model.   

       The BUNGCO Special Prank Force established during our yearly shareholder meeting that an entirely different visual effect can be achieved with mix and match panels using a lot full of randomly assorted cars.
bungston, May 02 2014

       [+] but I have doubts about its profitability in a world where peoples response to the latest Ubuntu is to notice how brown it is (the conditioned reflex is to expect the normal blue.)   

       I could then launch into how the principal vice of any piece of VR kit always seems to be that it wouldn't look "stylish" (whatever that might mean in addition to "ordinary")... or how the principal virtue of the latest laptop is its "lines" (sorry, all I see there is "more or less straight") .... but yes, seeing as I damn nearly have begun to rave already, I'd better not offend further.
skoomphemph, May 02 2014

       While working on the assembly line in 1970 something got out of sync with the colors of front ends coming from another line to be bolted on to the cars on our line. The result was 50-60 cars built with different colors on the front fenders and hoods from the paint on the rest of the body. The timing of the lines was straightened out and the cars were painted. No longer motley.
cudgel, May 02 2014

       Thought I had seen a battleship dazzle pattern car pic once, but could only find this one...
not_morrison_rm, May 03 2014

       [cudgel], are you a Jack Vance fan?
normzone, May 03 2014

       + why not? ( You said *gaily*!) I'm wondering if this idea would appeal to a certain segment of the population?
xandram, May 05 2014


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