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Bagpipe Sofa

sit and play
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Bagpipe Sofa is a very comfortable 2 person lounge seat that has been modified to include a pair of bagpipes.

The compression bags are located under the cushioned seats with the chanters and pipes hang down on each side of the arm rests.

When you want to play your Sofa Bagpipe instrument, you simply lower yourself into a seated position, then gently repeat this motion to compress the built in windbag. Two people can carry out this as a synchronised action with one going up as the other goes down.

Now you can begin to play your instrument as a duet, reaching over the side to use the chanters.

On St. Patrick's day, special snake deterring compositions are available on request.

xenzag, Mar 17 2021

Double_20Breasted_20Accordion_20Waistcoat [xenzag, Mar 21 2021]

percussion section One-Man_20Rocker_20Band
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       So basically a two man whoopee cushion that plays a tune?
Skewed, Mar 17 2021

       I don't know why I bother.
xenzag, Mar 17 2021


       How is it inflated?
pocmloc, Mar 17 2021

       Presumably the structure is sprung so as to draw in ambient air when not being positively sat on. Then there'd be a valve. I think [nmrm] might have a Tesla valve that he's suddenly found he doesn't need.
pertinax, Mar 17 2021

       Think of the action of a footpump for a car tyre or a set of bellows. The bag is always in an inflated mode when "at rest". A simple valve ensures that the air is retained and the bag inflated when no one is sitting on it. (I generally leave this type of detail to my learned technicians, or a minion like 8th, who has scuttled off and alas is no longer of much use, except perhaps as cat litter)
xenzag, Mar 17 2021

       Problem then is the sound might stop. Need 2 chambers, a bellows and a bag
pocmloc, Mar 17 2021

       + Gives a whole new meaning to Musical Chairs, except people would all try to avoid sitting down.
4and20, Mar 17 2021

       [xenzag], I, for one, will never tire of reading and imagining your ideas. They are the highlight of the bakery for me, and when our two resident cynics lived here, they were adorned with a flavor of fun, and banter.   

       Please don't ever stop being creative and graciously taking the hits as the others undo your dreams, just shrug it off, baby, cause I, for one, got/get it. +++++++++++
blissmiss, Mar 17 2021

       Tks. You may note that 8th is not off the hook in my annotations. He won't escape that easily.
xenzag, Mar 17 2021

       Exercise* plus music, in the comfort of your shelter-in-place living room, so [+].   

       Add a few armchairs tuned to the couch, arranged in such a way as to be a solution to the discerning concert goer missing in-person marching bands.   

       *Rocking side to side of course; rocking back and forth exercise available with the One-Man Rocker Band™
Sgt Teacup, Mar 17 2021


       "How is it inflated?" —pocmloc, Mar 17 2021   

       I guess I'll have to be the one to say it since no one else has...'[pocmloc...] It's done with a blow job, methinks.
blissmiss, Mar 18 2021

       Relaxing on the bagpipes. A Juxtaposition.
wjt, Mar 18 2021

       //On St. Patrick's day, special snake deterring compositions are available on request.//   

       I think the most difficult refinement would be to make it ONLY deter snakes.
AusCan531, Mar 18 2021

       //How is it inflated?//   

       Mostly on the price tag.
AusCan531, Mar 18 2021

       //I don't know why I bother//   


       Or perhaps an addiction to pixilated baked goods signalling of peer approval, there's a lot of research on that sort of thing done by games companies, often in relation to loot boxes.
Skewed, Mar 18 2021

       // On St. Patrick's day, special snake deterring compositions are available on request.//   

       Definitely needed . A Western Brown snake was in my place a few days ago looking for someone to kill. In a state of panic, all I could do was watch it while standing on my lame, non-bagpipe- playing faux leather sofa. +
cromagnon, Mar 19 2021

       A Western Brown, eh, [cromagnon]? Does that mean you're another sandgroper, like myself and [AusCan]?
pertinax, Mar 20 2021

       At last, a sensible idea on the halfbakery.
RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2021

       G’day [pertinax]. Yes, a West Aussie desperately searching for a pair of bagpipes on Gum Tree at the moment…and a sofa.
cromagnon, Mar 20 2021

       How about an accordion loveseat with the keys in one of the sofas arms & the buttons in the other?
Skewed, Mar 20 2021

pertinax, Mar 20 2021

       I now know what two of my friends will be receiving for Christmas this year.
Dub, Mar 20 2021

       //How about an accordion loveseat with the keys in one of the sofas arms & the buttons in the other?//   

       Best I can do is a corduroy recliner with a broken tv remote taped to one arm.   

       (This enhancement, along with the original post idea, are both great ones, btw)
AusCan531, Mar 21 2021

       All worthy suggestions. Several years ago I posted the idea for an accordion waistcoat as well. [link]
xenzag, Mar 21 2021


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