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car radio at home

Convert cool-looking car stereos for home hi-fi use
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Many car stereos look wicked with their amazing flashing displays and slidy CD slots. So why not have a casing which the stereo slides into, connecting up the rear wires (used for power, aerial connection, speakers etc), with speaker connections at the back of the case. It is now ready for use as a flashy blinky home stereo.... Fantastic. Or expensive...?
nickh, May 25 2003


       I used to have a bog-standard little radio/tape player which slid in and out of a little box in the car. it was an anti-theft device in the days when people would steal any old radio.
po, May 25 2003

       In "Ghost Dog", Forrest Whitaker has a wooden home-made case like you describe, but not for purposes of easy removal - he simply spends most of his musical time in stolen cars, so is more used to car stereos.
friendlyfire, May 25 2003

       A college roommate of mine built a box like that, he just happened to have an old car stereo and some speakers and no money to buy a real stereo.
krelnik, May 25 2003

       Baked at the local electronics store. They have a wall of these babies, which you can individually select, and try out various speakers, too.

I had a nice car stereo in a dorm once -- hey! maybe I was krelnik's roomie. Anyway, I had a car battery for power failures, and was the only one rockin' when that happened.
Amos Kito, May 25 2003

       Most bookshelf stereosystems have blinky blinky flashy flashy effects on them.   

       And their own amps.
rapid transit, May 25 2003

       car stereo recievers dont have plugs in the back that you just 'slide in' you gotta hook up the harness etc. its easier to just buy a power supply and build the stereo yourself, considering youd have to build speaker boxes yourself anyway.   

       this is what im going to do to make a subwoofer for my dorm.   

       //and their own amps//   

       car stereo head units have their own built in amps...or external ones for better spl/sq
shrinkydinx, May 31 2003

       I've been thinking about something like this, although interested in good, cheap sound rather than blinking lights or anything.   

       Uh, this post has gotten kinda long. Wd somebody please tell me if this is impolite on this site?   

       I want to listen to my area's jazz station, which sends a relatively weak signal to my home tuner. I also want a very good (but not necessary excellent) cassette player.   

       I have two excellent FM tuners with cassette. I have tons of speakers of various sizes (from computers, boom boxes and an old stereo console). I have plenty of speaker wire. I have several good PC power supplies (5v-12v, of course, and I think the other ratings match). I have priced the appropriate wiring harnesses. I even bought a soldering iron and am threatening to learn how to use it.   

       One thing I don't know is how to design and build a proper speaker enclosure. My approach would probably be trial and error after learning a few basic principles from speaker systems I like.   

       I've also toyed with the idea of hooking up both radios to bring in this one station (both have AFC, if that would help).   

       I might even get a little outside help and construct a Yagi antenna cut to the right length for 88.1 MHz. (Anyone care to tell me what the best options might be for the length? I know it has to be a multiple of the wavelength, but I'm too lazy to figure it out just yet)   

       This can't be all that hard. Or can it?
hyphenator, Oct 25 2003

       Anybody there? Over.
hyphenator, Nov 07 2003


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