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Car Stereo CD/Radio mixer

Listen to your CD/tape and talk radio at the same time
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Since the U.S. government sold all public spectrum to ClearChannel and they only play 40 different songs throughout the entire nation, I listen solely to "the Voice of the Resistance" (AKA NPR) on the radio.

I listen to pirated, burned CDs when I want to hear music.

It would be nice if my car stereo mixed my CD and radio channels so that I could hear my NPR stations overtop my CDs.

lawpoop, Aug 25 2003

How Clearchannel has stolen the radio airwaves http://www.musicand...om/mediamobster.htm
For those across the pond... [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       Two radios?
phoenix, Aug 26 2003

       Methinks the resulting cacaphony would be somewhat unharmonious.
Cedar Park, Aug 26 2003

       //it would be nice//   

       resistance is futile.
po, Aug 26 2003

       I like to play the guitar or piano while listening to NPR news, but I find it very annoying when they play the little tidbit of music between reports. NPR should play the talking through one stereo channel, and the music through the other channel, so you could turn off the NPR music if you have your own source of music.
AO, Aug 26 2003


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