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Sound-In-Sound Car Radio

"Picture In Picture" for your car radio
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Add the ability to listen to multiple stations with separate volume controls by routing it to the different speakers -- I got music on my left, traffic reports on my right
theircompetitor, Feb 04 2004

Silencing a specific speaker, directionally http://www.extremet...-big-brother-future
[theircompetitor, Mar 03 2012]


       I'm still kind of skeptical ... but it gets my bun.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 04 2004

       Here I am, stuck in the middle with you oo oo...
squeak, Feb 04 2004

       (imagining conservative talk radio on one speaker, public radio on the other, and the car imploding as the speakers are annihilated and converted to pure energy)
Worldgineer, Feb 04 2004

       Hmm, I shall try this with some headphones... before I can vote on it...
KLRico, Feb 04 2004

       Done something like this, driving at massively illegal speeds betwixt CA and AZ....CB radio cranked up loud with the squelch set so it wouldn't pick up anything further than a mile or so, and the radio tuned to good music.   

       When the truckers would announce the whereabouts of a police car, the CB would blare over the sound of the music. Saved me a couple of tickets that way.....
normzone, Feb 04 2004

       I tried to do this with headphones, but wasn't impressed... Listening to talk radio in one ear and rock in the other wasn't too great.   

       [normzone] is on the right track on how this idea should be approached.   

       An RDS equiped radio that didn't completely turn off the music you were listening to would be fantastic! That way one could get valuable information and not miss their favorite song that is playing.
KLRico, Feb 04 2004

       The problem with RDS tuners is that it's only one tuner, so they can't listen to two stations at the same time. But some radio's have two tuners ...
Frederik De Vusser, Apr 29 2004


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