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Car Stero w/ Crossfader

Mix between two radio stations!
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Like a crossfader on a DJ's mixer. Assign one radio station to the left of the fader and another to the right to achive that perfect mix! The radio would have a number of station presets like any normal radio but by holding one of the preset buttons and tapping a button to the left or right of the crossfader you could assign a station to the crossfader, then move the crossfader from right to left to mix. Optionally there would be a earphone jack and a cue button for each station preset so you could hear what the other stations are doing before adding them into the mix. Other models would have cd players which could also be assigned to the crossfader. Expensive models could have effects like reverb and flange. You could mix a news report with a classical music station, or a sporting event with a top 40 station. There could even be a jack on the face of the head unit so you could plug in a minidisc or cassete player and assign it to the crossfader also. A person could create a banging mix while on thier way to work!
ecolonsmak, May 15 2002

Fatal Auto Collision Song http://www.halfbake..._20Collision_20Song
Mix your own! [pottedstu, May 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Bald and Bespectacled http://www.selekta.....asp?dir=ipod&pic=8
no more. [rapid transit, Oct 04 2004]


       ... Luke!
thumbwax, May 15 2002

       darth fader?   

       also, what is/are Stero?
yamahito, May 15 2002

       Emphasis on 'banging."   

       "I was doing this awesome mix whenst I banged into the car in front of me."
bristolz, May 15 2002

       Would you have to remix it when you reverse?
drew, May 15 2002

       Short for steroids. To enhance car performance.
neelandan, May 16 2002

       The steering wheel can be used to make record scratch effects.
Amishman35, May 16 2002

       The inevitable sound of grinding metal and screaming children will drown out any "scratching" anyway as you, albeit rhythmically, mount the pavement in a terrifying disaster.
brewmaster, May 16 2002

       Hey, if you can handle two stations, so be it, but one is confusing enough for me...
Bohemianqueen, May 16 2002

       .. ahh to die in a head on crash while customising your MIDI controller assignments.. hmm.   

       crossfading is far too fun not to be distracting! find 2 playing anything houseacidelectrobreaks and you'd forget you were behind the wheel
rangelife, May 15 2003

       with a safety mechanism to ensure you couldn't go chikka-chikka-wow-wicky-wow-wow choo-boom-boom-boom-chi-boom chick-boom-boom-boochickaboom screeebblblblelelebeble whup-whup-whup whilst at speed, I'm all for it
rangelife, May 15 2003

       Happy birthday to this excellent idea!
snarfyguy, May 15 2003

       Ha! I have some DJ friends who don't have a crossfader on their car decks, but they do have a 5-band equilizer. This, combined with the panning of the balance/fader makes for a pretty entertaining setup. When they first realized they could do it they were like little kids given free range in a toy store.   

       If you wanted more than just a cross fader, and to do actual mixes in your car, you might be able to soon. Richie Hawtin was "mixing" with two Ipods at the Apple store in New York (see link) recently.   

       "Richie Hawtin had a teeny tiny bash at the teeny tiny Filter 14 on Friday. The formerly bald and bespectacled one spun with Magda after "DJ'ing" with iPods at the Apple store. (It's not possible to DJ with an iPod, although Mr. Hawtin told me that the Apple folks are working on an iPod with pitch control.)"   

       - From the Village Voice
rapid transit, May 22 2003


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