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Automatic Power Windows

Automatic control of power door windows.
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On a hot day. I sit in the lot with other cars. I wait for you to get in and burn yourself with my seatbelts and steering wheel. I await the moment you scream in pain as your failed attempt to buckle up without singing your flesh occurs. I too suffer... My glues weaken. My upholstery slackens. I suffer, yes. I would not have to, had you had the factory install automatic windows for you and I.

With the automatic windows, I could keep the windows rolled down when parked to let heat out and fresh air in. A sensor senses movement around me and rolls the windows up to a level to make the cabin not easily accesible by theives. I would also have, not only a rain sensor, but also a thermostat to keep the cabin at the most comfortable temperature.

Once you get in, I will keep track of the best efficiency of cooling. At speeds lower than 45 MPH, I will roll the windows down to keep the passenger compartments comfortable. Higher speeds will require air conditioning to allow better efficiency when driving.

When coming to a stop, airflow may cease and cause an umcomfortable environment. I will roll down the windows to let more air flow. I could regulate the windows level with the speed of the vehicle to keep noise levels down as well to allow for a better conversational environment or such to enjoy music.

Of course, I would be able to stop the movement of windows and reverse them if there is any resistance. I wouldnt want to chop the head off a dog or cut limbs off children. At least then I wont be as dangerous as an SUV...

crazyrog17, Mar 11 2008

Trial for device: Windows rolling down for kids safety only http://www.facebook...hp?gid=130313645520
Cabin Heat Abatement System [carterson2, Jan 24 2009]

Solar panels on cars. http://www.usatoday...omakers-prius_N.htm
Prius, Audi A8 and Mazda 929 used solar ventilation. [Skrewloose, Jan 26 2009]


       ...or you could just install solar powered air conditioning,and stop worrying about the windows.
DrCurry, Mar 11 2008

       You forgot: I would crush the heads of dogs and cut off the arms of children when you sped up and I decided to decrease the airflow. I would be remembered as perhaps the most dangerous idea in automobiles since the invention of the Sport Utility Vehicle.
land, Mar 12 2008

       Gratuitous automation [-]
Ned_Ludd, Mar 12 2008

       Pranksters would come by and wave at me hundreds of times while you were at the office, and when you got back from work, you would find me totally inert, my battery dead, and my windows cracked slightly, with a metal coat hangar still halfway through it, looters having long since stolen everything of value from the interior, as I was too weak to even sound the alarm when they finally came.   

       Your friends and neigbhors could laugh at you as you fight with my preprogrammed logic circuits over whether or not to roll up the windows while pumping out "Evil rock music" as you drive past old man VaginaJam's house.   

       Your passengers could moan and groan at the buzzing sounds of the windows moving, and your front seat passenger could curse at the new Onstar MS paperclip map-helper, who would pop up every five seconds to say "Looks like you're trying to roll up the windows. Don't you know it's a lovely day outside."   

       GR: I would not have to, had you had the factory installED automatic windows for you and I.   

       Cars should not be equipped with any more intelligence than the lowliest moron capable of driving them... but I'll stop now before I go into power-window rant mode.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 12 2008

       Mirror glass ?
8th of 7, Mar 12 2008

       //GR: I would not have to, had you had the factory installED automatic windows for you and I. //   


       The original grammar (intall) was correct. Consider the paraphrase "had you had the factory install them for you and I."   

       (Actually, it should be "for you and me", but we'll let that pass.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2008

       So then "If the factory had install this" is correct also?
ye_river_xiv, Mar 12 2008

       No, ye river. He is not saying "If the factory had installed...". He is saying "If you had had the factory install.."; as in "if you had asked the factory to install..."   

       Do try to keep up.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2008

       //Cars should not be equipped with any more intelligence than the lowliest moron capable of driving them//   

       I once had a thunderbird that automatically turned off/on the headlights and toggled the brights/dims.   

       Took me two months just to figure out how to switch off the automation.   

       I can't say i was too displeased when she finally went tits up.
MikeD, Jan 24 2009

       My anti-theft measures would fail by the simple application of a piece of four by two inserted quickly into the open window.
gnomethang, Jan 24 2009

       Can you imagine the new line of work for thieves...   

       'Your car crushed my wrist as I tried to steal from you, I'm gonna sue you for damages and keeping me out of work.'   

       P.S. I think I remember someone on this site mentioning that there was a Mazda (6/626 I think) in the American market with some solar panels on the roof which ran a couple of small ventilation fans, keeping the air circulated on hot days to keep the car cool.   

       Will try and find a link.
Skrewloose, Jan 26 2009


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