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Car buyer bait

car wash and vacuum sold at cost to attract buyers
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Potential car buyers either drive cars already or at least have a driver's license. Sell no-profit car washes, detailing, waxing and vacuum services at cost at car dealerships to pull in folks right next to the car lot and salesmen. The salesmen could walk around the wash offering cold drinks at cost -- and strike up an ice breaking conversation.
Sunstone, May 03 2017


       Especially good for used car buy and sell.
pashute, May 03 2017

       I am in the middle of a dusty construction site where free car washes would mollify the noise an dirt trapped residents a great deal.
popbottle, May 03 2017

       Wouldn't people be (slightly) less likely to want to buy a new car when their current car is freshly washed?
notexactly, May 03 2017


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