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Clip-on SUV shell

Mimicry is good!
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People love SUVs because of the perceived security and authority in their enormous size. Many SUV drivers like that other drivers respect and defer to them because the vehicle is huge. However, the crash security is an illusion, and high gas prices make SUVs expensive to drive.

So why not just "appear" to be driving an SUV? Now you can, with the Clip-on SUV Shell from BUNGCO! Attach this formidably large shell over your Geo Metro or Ford Escort, and enjoy newfound ability to merge into traffic, change lanes, and generally have your way on the road. Snicker inside when you still get over 35 miles to the gallon! By mimicking the appearance of an SUV, you can reap the benefit with none of the costs!

Now available in Gunmetal Gray and Tusk Ivory.

bungston, Mar 01 2006


       ..but I want to look green.
po, Mar 01 2006

       Unfortunately, in addition to the extra weight you'd be carrying, wind resistance plays an increasingly large part in fuel consumption at higher speeds...oh, you said Ford Escort. Right, as you were.
egbert, Mar 01 2006

       I want one that looks like a 1967 Caddilac El Dorado convertible... Hot Pink!! With whaleskin hubcabs and all leather cow interior, gorilla paw ashtray and big-brown-baby-seal eyes for headlights YEAH!!!!
Pac-man, Mar 01 2006

       There are kit cars you can build on top of Volkswagens to resemble sports cars and luxury antiques - I call baked, if you view an SUV as a luxury vehicle just not yet an antique.   

       (snickers, picturing driving the dreaded Geo Metro and peering through the grille of a fatasSUV.)
normzone, Mar 01 2006

       Really there is no reason to confine this concept to SUVs. One might need an artificial driver as well.
bungston, Mar 02 2006

       How about a fake passenger so I can use the H.O.V. lane on the Long Island Expressway...
Pac-man, Mar 02 2006


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