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Car skipper

Pulls your car over the car that's blocking your garage entry
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So that nobody can block you anymore, this simple crane device works unless a bus or truck decides to block your garage door.
pashute, Dec 10 2023

Haim BLoop - my latest song. If you wanted to know how I am https://www.youtube...watch?v=gEICVRxyH30
Translation: The army spokesperson permitted to reveal the names of... Images in a loop, horrors in a loop, talking in a loop, life is in a loop, thoughts in a loop, responses in a loop, a tune in a loop, I'm in a loop. I try to look and watch as little as possible. Then I remember that there are still births and love in a loop. I might return tomorrow to the loop. Meanwhile I'm singing this song in a loop, Listing to all the arguments in a loop, learning to listen a bit better in a loop [pashute, Dec 25 2023]


       I'm a practicing religious Jew. In the summer we have a 9-day period of toning down, in memory of the destruction of both the first and second temples (actually commemorating the fall of the Kingdom of Judea, and about 500 years later the fall of the Hasmonean kingdom of Judea). Our tradition is that the reason for the loss was internal fighting and the inability to reach consensus and unity. For example, we have descriptions of dancing and singing on one side of the stronghold town Beitar, while the other side of that town was being killed. Most secular Israelis (so most Israeli Jews) are unfamiliar with these days are in the middle of the summer, when kids are off from school, so they don't learn about it or experience it at home. The period ends in 9th of the Hebrew month of Av (some time in July or early August).   

       I have a brother-in-law who is secular. One day he comes to my house and asks me to drive him in the evening to the printers. What happened to your car? I asked. Somebody got angry at where I parked. I had assumed it was the printer's place but it was private parking. The guy yelled at me, wasn't willing to hear my apologies, and blocked my car. So I walked here and will come to take it when I assume he leaves. It's the 9 days, something about not getting into arguments with anyone, no?
pashute, Dec 25 2023


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