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Car sniffles begone

Dashboard-mounted (or centre console) tissue dispenser
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Why haven't these been in cars yet? Sure, they have a swing-out flat panel TV screen to entertain the kids, but where's the simple comfort of accessible kleenex, after that faux pas with your leather shoe and mud, the spilled ice cream, or mustard-on-your-mouth? Most people just keep a box of tissues in the car, which eventually ends up flattened out deep underneath the passenger seat.

Can replace the ashtray (what non-smoker uses those anyway) as an ordering option. Should work just as an ordinary tissue dispenser, with a slit on the top.

quanta, Mar 06 2000

Tissuekups http://www.tissuekups.com/index.htm
[wombat, Oct 04 2004]


       Some higher end new cars have dispensers built into the glove compartment that hold the small 'portable' packs of tissues.
StarChaser, Mar 06 2000

       Personally, I always used the ashtray as a storage for change (for tool booths on the ever-so-infamous NYS Thruway). Some cars have similar places to store change for tolls next to the driver side door, but I always found them hard to get to and too small. Besides, the ashtray is centrally located, usually, so passengers can help if I'm having to do something else besides drive and get change (like drive and roll-down window).
dnm, Mar 07 2000

       I'm confident there were/are others, but in any case the 1966 Chevrolet Caprice had a tissue box option that held full-size tisues in a painted and chrome box that pivoted out from under the dashboad.
lotech, Apr 24 2000

       Interestingly enough, a lot of these types of convience options (things in the genre of tissue holders and other convience items) were thought of long ago by original car designers, with the most productive period being during the 50s-early 70s, when the focus was on making cars an affordable, comfortable, family based conveyance tool. A lot of the ideas were kitschy and "go-nowhere" compared to what most people want today, but this kind of thing was certainly addressed, as lotech points out.   

       The more things change, the more they stay the same.
dnm, Apr 24 2000

       I think there's a market for cup-shaped tissue boxes which fit into cup-holders.
hippo, May 11 2000

       Cup shaped tissue boxes! Brilliant! How about a better place to hang the inevitable plastic bag to hold all the ucky used tissues? A stick-shift works, but it's not very elegant.
eagle, May 11 2000

       Now when do we... sorry, you start marketing and production?
dontthink, May 11 2000

       That's why cars have two cup-holders: You put your new Cup-Shaped Tissue Box™ in one cup holder, and an ordinary disposable paper cup in the other, to cram all the wet, bogey-ridden tissues in.   

       Now if only my car had a convenient place to store a bar of Lindt "70%" chocolate such that I could break off chunks of chocolate while driving...
hippo, May 11 2000

       the cup-shaped tissue box is actually avery good idea. there are already products on the market, baby wipes, that are in a cylindrical container. to see how this could work, get a toilet paper roll. now take out the cardboard bit on the inside, and pull the toilet paper out from the middle...the same thing could be achieved with a cup with tissues spiralling in from the outside to the middle...someone should definately look into this...
Malcolm, Jul 13 2000

       If you buy A Nissan Sentra, there is surprisingly a Kleenex package holder in the center console lid. It does not come with an ashtray, which I donot appreciate because I am a smoker and an ashtray is not offered for the 2002. This leaves me in a spot because in the US, we don't have a company which offers an ashtray that fits in the drink holder and as well has a light in the lid. Osaka, Japan has a company or two that does make those. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to please the both of us... especially me with having both in a car... the ashtray & the kleenex holder. Lisa
lisalikes70scheese, Dec 17 2002

       There is a product just like what you're talking about. It's called Tissuekups. You can visit the website at www.tissuekups.com
bvigorita, Apr 09 2003

       I have a pocket for a tissue. its nibbles dispensers we need.
po, Apr 09 2003

       Ford T-Bird, 89-91, optional tissue dispenser in the dashboard.
bristolz, Apr 09 2003

       I'd just like to say in my 2001 ford f-150 there is a space for tissues, but they got to be those small ones
dickity, Sep 26 2003


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