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A lit cigarette dispencer
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It would be a small box about the size of two cigarette packs that you would fill with about 8 cigarettes. Then while you are driving and want a cigarette all you do is press a small button (it could even be voice activated) and a pre-lit cigarette will drop into a small tray at the bottom. That way you get the cigarette lit and in your hand without your eyes ever leaving the road which is extra helpful at night when even if you are watching the road as much as possible your vision would be impaired for a few crucial seconds by the contrast between the brightness of the lighter flame and the darkness outside. I have known this contrast in extreme cases to cause a kind of temporary blindness that can last for several seconds. several seconds is a long time to be driving without a clue of what lies ahead.
Bane, Dec 02 2006


       I smoked for just about my whole teenage life up untill about 11 months ago(I am 28), I in no way would support smokeing. However, people are going to smoke and those people are going to smoke while driving. I can admit to dangerously searching for matches or a lighter while driving. This device could possibly save an accident or two so I am forced to give you a bun.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 02 2006

       You haven't mentioned just *how* this would light the cigarette.
xandram, Dec 02 2006

       [21 Quest]: for some reason, I picture a semi-auto handgun shooting a burning cigaretteout of the dash and into my face at 70 mph. I think a better invention would be a way to keep the scent of smoke out of your car so it doesn't hurt the resale value.
discontinuuity, Dec 02 2006

       I think it's a good idea. Besides the added safety of not having temporary blindness or distraction from lighting it yourself, it would add a nice "James Bond" touch to your car. I would buy one, and I don't even smoke. [+]   

       BTW, punctuation is your friend. Don't be afraid to use it evey once in a while. :)
Hunter79764, Dec 04 2006

       sp: dispenser.   

       Good idea. [+]
hidden truths, Dec 04 2006


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