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The VOX Toll-O-Matic

No more fumbling for change
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One of the most annoying experiences as a driver is having to dig around for the correct change for a Toll booth.

With the VOX Toll-O-Matic all you have to do is say "Toll! 35 cents" and this Voice Activated unit will dispense the required coins into a small cup in the console within easy reach. The state of the art dispensing system utilizes a self sorting coin hopper so all that is required to replenish your change supply is to drop a handfull of change into the cup and say "Load" the unit will do the rest.

The VOX Toll-O-Matic is also helpful when ordering fast food, filling a parking meter or leaving the parking garage.

Don't be left scrounging under your floor mats while others pass you by.

Order you VOX Toll-O-Matic today!

jhomrighaus, Mar 25 2006

Coin Dispenser https://www.abccoin...Item.aspx?nodeid=69
Look ma, no batteries! [NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 25 2006]

Chawly Changer http://www.coindispenser.com/
A pocket-sized coin dispenser. [baconbrain, Mar 28 2006]


       Or you could just velcro this bad boy to your dash (link). For people that are afraid to talk to their car because of a tramatic childhood experience.   

       And no, I don't want to talk about it.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 25 2006

       //One of the most annoying experiences as a driver is having to dig around for the correct change for a Toll booth// Hmm, what dimension do you drive in?   

       I seldom see toll booths, but I keep my little pocket-sized coin dispenser (see link) in my car's console for use while shopping. I also keep a coinpurse of loose change for refilling the dispenser.   

       In addition, my car, not a luxury model, has a coin dispenser built into the console. I assume it's there for tolls, even if it isn't voice-activated.   

       I used to drive city busses, and kept a belt-mount coin dispenser mounted near at hand. I could make change faster than I could have said the amount.   

       I don't see a need for a VOX device, nor do I see any suggestion of how to build such a thing. I do see a machine that has to be told what to do with a handful of change dropped into its sorting hopper.
baconbrain, Mar 28 2006

       so if you are perfectly skint...this does it for you?
po, Mar 28 2006

       [baconbrain] Having reviewed your batch of ideas I am curious as to your statements about the need for or the suggestion of how to build as many of your prepositions share a similar lack.   

       However I will respond by stating that:   

       A) Few if any of the ideas presented here in the HB have any practical value or need   

       B) The technical details of this idea are really not that hard. The basic Voice recognition technology already exisits, the Coin counting and sorting technology exisits and bringing them together into a compact 12 volt unit is a simple matter of engineering.   

       As to what you see here I really couldnt care less. This is a forum to share half baked ideas, not to belittle other peoples ideas.   

       I thought it was something that might be nice to have sometimes and at least a couple of people agree.
jhomrighaus, Mar 28 2006

egbert, Mar 28 2006

       //This is a forum to share half baked ideas, not to belittle other peoples ideas// Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I have my own illusions about what the Halfbakery is for, and seem to have developed an standard rant for ideas that make assumptions about technology.   

       Voice-recognition is not used in cars, as far as I know, even though, as you say, the technology is available and the engineering is possible. The conditions in a car are not ideal for voice-recognition. Certain special problems would arise with a voice-activated change-maker, for instance, the chance that a radio commercial could say, "for a dollar twenty-nine cents, folks, just a dollar twenty-nine!"   

       If I had seen that you had considered such issues, I'd have taken your idea a bit more seriously. As it was, I assumed it was one of the wish ideas that turn up all too often.
baconbrain, Mar 30 2006

       If I deleted an anno here(it was here then gone) im sorry it was an accident.   

       [baconbrain] If you look at some of my other ideas you would see that in general I tend to Overexplain my ideas. As to VOX in Cars this is not new and has been used in higher end cars for years(with varying levels of success I should note). There already exist systems to monitor background noise(a simple cancelation loop of the radio audio feed solves the radio problem) Also most systems designed for use in noisy environments(such as the Handsfree phone systems such as the one in my New Razr) use keywords to filter out extraneous commands(IE saying "toll 25 cents" will discharge a quarter but saying "Toll house cookies" will do nothing)   

       If I could presume to offer advice to anyone(which i of all people shouldnt) Try asking questions you might be surprized at the answers and you could even learn something new. Some of the best ideas come from give and take questions and answers. Good Ideas will hold up, bad Ideas collapse under thier own weight. You can rip on my ideas any time, just be polite as I Rip back. ;-P
jhomrighaus, Mar 30 2006

       Sorry My statement needs a couple of commas and a new ending to be gramatically correct as I was TWUI when i said it.   

       Having reviewed your batch of ideas, I am curious as to your statements about the need for, or the suggestion of how to build ,as many of your prepositions share a similar shortcoming.   

       Is that better?   

       I was trying to find a polite eloquent way to say, "some of your ideas Aint much different"
jhomrighaus, Mar 30 2006

       Murdoch, that first sentence there is nice bit of wordsmithing if I do say so, and I did take your comments as they were intended.
jhomrighaus, Mar 30 2006

       Murdoch, thanks for the comment. I've copied it to my page, if you don't mind.   

       I still don't see a need for the VOX device, but I'm sure it will sell well, as many things that I don't need seem to do. I do understand that you could make it work. Good luck to it.   

       Jhomrighaus, thanks for the advice. I shall try to be more polite.
baconbrain, Mar 30 2006

       I just wish that [jhomrighaus] would stop dropping *prepositions* all over the place.
jurist, Mar 31 2006

       Sheesh, what a bunch of grouches.   

       Nice idea. Fun! Can we attach a catapult as well, to launch the change into the tollbooth's hopper?
"Up twenty degrees. Power four. Toll 35 cents. Fire!"
moomintroll, Mar 31 2006

       [jurist] what exactly is that supposed to mean? Oh and it should have been propositions. Thats what happens when you type while drinking. ;-)
jhomrighaus, Mar 31 2006

       I've an addition that maybe should have gone off to a new idea. Add a GPS input, and a database, so the unit can sense which tollbooth you are approaching and cough up the correct change with no voice input at all.
baconbrain, Mar 31 2006

       I like that Idea, Hadnt thought of it.
jhomrighaus, Mar 31 2006


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