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Car theme restaurant

Car nationality correlates to food nationality
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A friend and myself were discussing ways to become wealthy. While brainstorming ideas we thought about the possibility of a car themed restaurant. Diffrent cars would relate to diffrent foods, for instance, a Dodge Viper, an American made car, would have an American theme such as hot dogs and hamburgers. A Ferrari or Lamborghini would have an Ialian theme such as pasta or pizza. Or a Jaguar, while although owned by ford but the roots are still in England could serve fish and chips. Just a spure of moment idea with some possible potential. We didnt really think past this except for we could rotate cars in and out every so often to keep intrest.
Ugyjig, Apr 05 2002

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       <spoilsport>One way to become wealthy is not to open a restaurant - extremely high failure rate.</spoilsport>
If you're honestly interested inpursuing this despite naysayers such as myself - be aware there are numerous such themed restaurants scattered across America - I'm presuming you're American - I drive past 2 on a nightly basis myself.
If you're still interested after reading the second paragraph - then you're actually interested. Good for you. I realize this is a spur of the moment idea - but suppose you're really into restaurants - talk to restaurant owners, do your research - find out what the reality is in maintenance, expense, experience, so on and so forth - see if this is the best thing you could do with your life.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2002

       <PeterSealyByProxy> Baked. </PeterSealyByProxy>
phoenix, Apr 05 2002

       I'm not getting the connection. How does this work? If I order fish and chips, they bring it to me in a Jaguar? Or if I sit in the Jag, I can only order fish and chips? And I have to move over to the BMW to have Black Forest cake for dessert?
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002

       Follow on to thumbwax's comments: read the book "Kitchen Confidential," by Anthony Bourdain.
bristolz, Apr 05 2002

       French cuisine would be difficult. While the French are supposedly good at food, their cars are lousy.
RayfordSteele, Apr 05 2002

       Will there be bicycles for Chinese food?
jutta, Apr 05 2002

       Keep the menu simple. Otherwise food storage, ordering, spoilage costs will kill you. Simplify and focus food, like (California's) In-N-Out Burger does.   

       Any good theme restaurant lives or dies on the food first, theme second. Remember Rain Forest Cafe or Planet Hollywood ? PH's crummy food sunk 'em, in spite of spectacular ambiance and Arnold dining 2 tables over ......   

       Pizza maybe? With different country-themed sauces?   

       Different car per week parked in front in some kind of protected (bank teller's lucite?) parking space. The car would earn its keep maybe as a rolling ad for local car restorer(s) or specialty parts supplier.   

       I have been kicking this idea around since graduating from biz school here in California in 1997.   

       Got any capital or sweat equity to invest?   

       You also gotta live near Los Angeles.   

       JeffGTV at Yahoo dot com
TheFillingStation, Jul 07 2003

       Seems like the final successful version will be another In-N-Out Burger, Mels' Diner, the like. Don't know if the masses in the flyover really go for the more obscure makes of vehicles. Oh, and if you're not going to make it a chain, then you probably won't get rich (not saying you won't--just a lot of experienced restraunteurs have failed before you.)
oxen crossing, Jul 07 2003


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