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The Super McDonalds

Over 5 billion orders of poutine served.
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Each McDonalds around the world has slight regional variations to tailor their menus to their clientel. For example, in Arizona, Mickey D's sells tacos, where as in the summers in Boston, they have lobster rolls. I propose that in a city like New York or London, where there's huge cultural diversity, they have a Mc Donalds that sells all of their menu items from around the world.
svenske chef, Sep 26 2002

McSpam? http://www.bizjourn.../06/10/daily22.html
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]

McBurrito with your fries? http://www.canoe.co...5_mcdonalds-ap.html
Interesting article about McDonald's less common items, how they come up with them, etc. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       why don't you ask them then?
skinflaps, Sep 26 2002

       You can get beer at McD's in France. Not something we want to try here, mind you.
BinaryCookies, Sep 26 2002

       What part of AZ has taco selling McDonalds? I've seen McRib sandwiches (yeccch) but not McTacos.
half, Sep 26 2002

       In Los Angleles, McDonalds sells reconstituted sewage patties
thumbwax, Sep 27 2002

       <pendant>Super McDonalds is an oxymoron </pendant>
It's Burger King that has the tacos here, has anyone else seen those yet? German McDonalds sell beer too- I'm all for getting that going in the states.
Mr Burns, Sep 27 2002

       If you want interesting a different cultural specific food, then why not just eat at a restaurant, really make a meal of it.
[ sctld ], Sep 27 2002

       Yes. Bit like asking for a roof for your flipflops.
General Washington, Sep 27 2002

       Any idea to do with mcdonalds that dosent involve its destruction deserves a fishbone.
Gulherme, Sep 27 2002

       Something tells me the beer wouldn't work well with the Ronald McDonald kids-targeted clown ad campaign.   

       Makes me wonder: can you get a beer with a Happy Meal?
RayfordSteele, Sep 27 2002

       The problem I have with beer at McDonald's is that it would probably be McBeer - some god-awful version of alcoholic brew made cheaply and efficiently to serve masses...like Bud or Miller. :P   

       This idea seems innocent enough. Of course, the idea is directed toward potential or existing franchise owners, since as you probably know, each McDonald's is independently owned and operated. The McDonald's nearest my house sends us dine-in coupons and special dinner dine-in invitations to experience the new cafe-style dining concept they created. At dinnertime, the tie-wearing staff will actually bring you your open-faced burgers/meals to your tables when ready. The owner is apparently the first one to go this creative serving route.
XSarenkaX, Sep 27 2002

       Miller's owned by Altria, a.k.a. Philip-Morris, the same company that makes ciggarettes, and also own Kraft and Nabisco. Just think, eating an Oreo is the same as smoking a 'deathstick' to these people. Boycott Altria!
[ sctld ], Sep 27 2002

       But wouldn't that be boring? Part of the fun of visiting an establishment somewhere else in the world that you already have in your own country, is to see what different things they have on the menu. ie pulp fiction 'Le big mac' and mayo on the fries in McD's in Holland.
Bantam, Jan 15 2003

       Make that a Royale with cheese.
snarfyguy, Jan 15 2003

       Big Mac == Le Big mac?
Quarterpounder == Royale with cheese?
(just checking)
Jinbish, Jan 15 2003

       I love that movie.
XSarenkaX, Jan 15 2003

       In Italy, McD's do pizza and pasta, while in France they do salad.   

       It's only because us westerners will stand for their reconstituted burger crap that it's all we're getting. If everyone stopped buying it, they'd have to offer other, more tempting stuff.
Sasha, Jan 15 2003

       //If everyone stopped buying it//   

       Obviously, if people are buying it, they want it. Don't count on a group effort here.
XSarenkaX, Jan 16 2003

       According to the papers today, McDonalds have been successfully prosecuted under advertising/trading standards for having a more succulent looking McSteak Premier on the ads than is served in the restaurant...   

       Just thought you'd all like to know :)
Seaneeboy, Mar 04 2003

       [XSarenkaX]: While McD's franchisees do get a bit of latititude w/r/t promotions, I'm positive they're not allowed to introduce their own menu items. Corporate McD's has to first invent the recipes in a chem lab and then focus group them before they're unleashed on the public.   

       [seaneeboy]: Kool! Got a link?
snarfyguy, Mar 04 2003

       In Denmark you can get a beer with your McWhatever.
bristolz, Mar 27 2003

       In Australia we do have the whole multi-cultural menu thing (given the large cultural diversity we have here).   

       Examples are an italian inspired burger (has pasta napolitana sauce on it) and an indian one (Hm... was tandoori chicken, I think)   

       ... so it's baked, kinda. Sorry, bub.
Freelancer, Mar 27 2003

       Do you have the McLobster?
waugsqueke, Mar 27 2003

       The McD's in Japan has the McTeriyaki Burger. I wish they had that in the US.I live in FL, where they have a Mc Cuban Sandwich.
Japanese_Coffee, Oct 15 2003


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