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Connected Resturants

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Inspired by a method that "Conflict Kitchen" used to promote awareness of conflicts that USA is in with others:

> One recent Saturday, it featured a Persian dinner party attended by customers in Pittsburgh and diners in Tehran, who were linked via video chat.

But that brings an idea. Why should this be limited to novelty? Why not have an entire network of restaurants all connected to each other around the world via video chat, and serve food based on the country you are connected to.

mofosyne, Oct 11 2014

Total Idiots Offended By Conflict Kitchen Featuring Palestinian Food http://kitchenette....ring-pal-1644109106
Initial Source of comment [mofosyne, Oct 11 2014]

Pittsburgh cafe offers cuisine from the U.S. conflict du jour http://articles.lat...ct-kitchen-20120508
Source that the comment pointed towards [mofosyne, Oct 11 2014]


       Interesting to chat with people from a country of violent people and religious fanatics.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 11 2014

       What's to say that they don't think the same about us? A central component of any conflict requires the dehumanisation of the opposition.   

       Anyway that is not the point of this idea. This idea is to simply connect to other restaurants, rather than just those we are in conflict with.
mofosyne, Oct 11 2014

       // Interesting to chat with people from a country of violent people and religious fanatics //   

       Well, despite the violence and the fanaticism, a lot of people around the world will still want to connect to the USA to improve their English, which is a bit odd given that most Americans don't really speak it …
8th of 7, Oct 12 2014


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