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Carbonated bath water

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Temperature effects just how fast carbonation is released from liquids but it should last long enough to take a nice hot relaxing soak as bubbles energetically nucleate on every follicle and square inch of submerged skin to become trapped in an ever expanding layer of suds.

We recommend filling your tub almost to the brim or your relaxing soak may become permanent.

Boiling_20fish_20tank [hippo, May 25 2019]

Ahem Fizz_3a_20CCS_20Plan_20B
Prior Bath [pertinax, May 28 2019]


       This already exists in various natural hot springs, although the gases involved are not pure CO2; the odour is harmless, but memorable.   

       This is not really an innovation.
8th of 7, May 25 2019

       But it is a nice idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2019

       Or make your bath water boil by reducing the air pressure in your bathroom (and wearing an air tank to breathe from). See link for how to do this.
hippo, May 25 2019

       //This is not really an innovation//   

       Well I can't have entirely novel world changing ideas with far reaching applications 'every' day now can I?
Sometimes we must bow to the absurd.

       //But it is a nice idea//   

       Thank you. That's my quota for this month.   

       //Or make your bath water boil by reducing the air pressure in your bathroom (and wearing an air tank to breathe from)//   

       Ummm... if the ambient pressure is enough to boil the water you are in, will it not boil the water in your blood?
What have you done with the real [hippo]?!!!

       Not if the bath water is above 37°C.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2019

       It is an innovation, in that you can have it in your house, rather than having to travel to a hot spring.   

       And I doubt you'll die of carbon dioxide asphyxiation—if it starts to happen, your body will tell you to breathe a lot, and you'll know you have to raise your nose. Or just breathing a lot will mix the air enough, maybe.
notexactly, May 27 2019

       Doh! I searched So hard [pertinax]. Really I did.   


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