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Integrated Hot Water Tap and Bubble Bath Dispenser

Err...Integrated Hot Water Tap and Bubble Bath Dispenser
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There are two problems with spending five or six hours lounging in the hot tub. Well, more than two actually but only two that I’m interested in. Firstly, the water goes cold and secondly, the bubbles go flat.

The first problem is easily solved by periodic top-ups from the hot water tap. The second is normally solved by adding a couple of squirts from the bubble-bath bottle and splashing the water ‘round a bit.

Solution no.1 is fine with me as it only involves minor physical effort and use of the big toe to operate the tap, but solution no.2, the splashing about thing, is clearly far too much effort and completely defeats the point of a dissolute wallow in the tub. Surely it’s about time that the hot tap came with an integral bubble-bath dispenser so that both problems can be resolved with minimal toe movement?

My suggestion, therefore, is that the tap head should contain a re-fillable chamber wherein resides the bubble bath liquid. A small valve in the bottom of the chamber is opened by using downward pressure on the tap head (i.e. rest your foot on it) thereby releasing the required amount of bubble bath into the tap spout. A quick flick of the toe then opens the tap and the rushing water carries the bubble bath into your tub and whips it into a lovely foamy lather so that you can continue your relaxing soak with minimal effort.
DrBob, Nov 19 2004

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Gunslinger in a bath tub http://www.4peaks.com/cowpcard.jpg
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I dunno! You just can't satisfy some people. [DrBob, Nov 23 2004]


       that's your hard man reputation gone phhoof.
po, Nov 19 2004

       You could take a food mixer into the bath.
angel, Nov 19 2004

       To reheat and refroth your bath, don't you just need a handheld device which mixes up the water while simultaneously heating it?
hippo, Nov 19 2004

       Like a hair-dryer.
angel, Nov 19 2004

       //a food mixer ...a hair-dryer...//

..or a ceiling fan perhaps?

//a handheld device //

I need both hands free so that I can keep a firm grip on the soap.
DrBob, Nov 19 2004

       {Notes that [DrBob] has thus far managed to survive my attemts to electrocute him, and changes tack.}
A big lump of potassium?
angel, Nov 19 2004

       no they don't! silly UB :) - find me a pic and I'll send you a dollar.
po, Nov 19 2004

       You wouldn't believe how tough that search was [link].....the things I do to be able to be a contributer to the 'bakery.....[hoping po is pleased]
normzone, Nov 19 2004

       thats awfuk kind of you norm, but thats not a bubble bath, thats lather!
po, Nov 20 2004

       what we call a bubble bath is a lather of soap in the water. My favorite old movie scene is Dustin Hoffman in the bathtub at Faye Dunaways' house in Little Big Man. could not find a link.
dentworth, Nov 20 2004

       I suppose the distinction then is: bubblebath is an expensive perfumed liquid that you pour into the bath & the force of the water entering the bath froths it all up into a mass of bubbles but lather is a more minor bubbly mess produced by cheap hard soap. hence cowboys have lather and the fragrant DrBob has bubbles...
po, Nov 20 2004

       Oh, ok [po], I thought you were referring to perhaps a jacuzzi bubbler, which of course would not be in cowboy movies.
dentworth, Nov 20 2004

       The best 'cowboy in a bubble bath' scene is, of course, played by Eli Wallach, as Tuco (considerably less fragrant than I, of course) in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Closely followed by Marlon Brando, as Robert E Lee Clayton, in The Missouri breaks.

//a jacuzzi bubbler...would not be in cowboy movies//

<pedant> It wouldn't have been out of place in Midnight Cowboy. Or did you mean 'Westerns'? </pedant>
DrBob, Nov 23 2004

       ahem.... westerns.
dentworth, Nov 23 2004

       Just about to mention the bath scene from "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" but you beat me to it. Darn. I just watched that 2 weeks ago. Great flick.   

       Good idea, by the way.
Machiavelli, Nov 23 2004


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