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Sink The Ship Bath Bomb

bath bomb sinking ship
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Sink The Ship Bath Bomb is a bath bomb that comes with a small model ship. You can choose from several famous vessels, but the Titanic and Bismark are very popular.

The method of use is simple: the ship hinges open to allow the bathbomb to be insterted and is then closed up again. Now when it's placed in the bath, the action of the water on the bathbomb causes the ship to move around on the surface before unfolding again at the hinge point and sinking to the bottom where the bathbomb continues to release its bubblng stream.

At the end of the bathing session, the ship is rescued then placed on a radiator to dry, ready to receive a fresh bathbomb.

xenzag, Oct 01 2023

Diving submarine toy https://www.amazon....b-Toy/dp/B000V4KSHA
[a1, Oct 01 2023]


       The Moskva is a popular new addition to the range. [+]
pertinax, Oct 01 2023

       "G 4."   

       "You sank my Bathleship!"   

       Reminds me of toy diving subs (link). You could include a submarine line, starting with the Hunley and coming up to modern times with the Stickleback, the Thresher, the Kursk...
a1, Oct 01 2023

       What, no explosions? Tiny crewmen treading water? Oil slicks and fire? This toy is not dangerous enough to be interesting.   

       About a thousand years ago they included a 4” crude plastic nuclear sub in a cereal box. You filled a well on the underside with baking powder and the alternate bubble release from the body would first make it rise and then when the bubble got out it would sink. Hours of bath battles. They don’t tell how this one works in the link, but it’s the same mechanics using baking powder. What was given away with your Wheaties is now $11.99.
minoradjustments, Oct 02 2023

       Sure, who boned this? I'll counter it. [+]
doctorremulac3, Oct 02 2023


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