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Card Carrying Halfbaker

Laminated Proof that you are indeed Halfbaked
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Halfbaked Pride in convenient 1/2 business card/license size.
thumbwax, Apr 20 2001

Half Bakery exists! http://web.archive....ult/halfbakery.html
This place is actually called the Hale Bakery (I live near it), but with minor photoshop work... [AfroAssault, Apr 20 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Halfbakery merchandise spotted. http://forums.nytim...3638@.f1dc17e/25357
I saw this in the NYT Editorial forum, you have to subscribe to see it, somebody spotted a bumper sticker reading: "Eschew Obfuscation". So who's the merchandising genius? What? No Halbakery product catagory? [whatzabuzz, Apr 20 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Halfbaked degree http://www.cynicalbastards.com/ubs/
as Susen wished. [sappho, Jul 08 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

How's this one? http://web.archive...._cheese/hbcard.html
The barcode is even readable... Yay me! [mighty_cheese, Jul 08 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Which way are they cut in half? Diagonal? Put me down for about 50.
tkeyser, Apr 20 2001

       Maybe the ID card could be half and half liscence and business card, with a singed bit round the left side.   

       [I'll work on a drawing]
[ sctld ], Apr 20 2001

       And then we can all download it and show off to all our friends just how cool we are...   

       [..then everybody gets an icecream and a story before bedtime!]
[ sctld ], Apr 20 2001

       Excellent idea, thumbwax. I'd proudly carry the card ... maybe it could even say "Member Since [month/year]," like an American Express Card.   

       Think we could get half-discounts, as card-carrying members? At neighborhood bookstores, perhaps, or publicity-conscious bakeries?   

       That would be SWEET. :)
1percent, Apr 20 2001

       As this is juttas site, I am respectfully awaiting any input from her in terms of icon usage, be it the halfplatefull or croissant/fishbones.
In terms of qualification-In my minds eye, At least an active contributing year under a halfbakers apron would be respectful and reensure that trawlers wouldn't be qualified. I haven't been here a year-I don't qualify with that standard in mind. I believe it will also subliminally keep the trawlers out to begin with. This is all open to interpretation...
I'll also post card on host-a-post once jutta aye/nays
Patience is a virtue
thumbwax, Apr 21 2001

       Could there be some sort of insignia if the halfbaker has in fact baked an idea? I'm thinking here of degoof's successful baking of the Alarm Light...
Dog Ed, Apr 21 2001

       How about a HalfBaked Degree instead to go with the other useless pieces of framed paper hanging on my wall.... shouldn't be allowed the card until you get the degree....
Susen, Apr 21 2001

       Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't... I'll work on that...
AfroAssault, Apr 27 2001

       Cards for giving blood come in different colours (sp!!) depending on how many times you've done it. We could have half-id cards that get more singed the more popular ideas you have - yellowed if you've had a croissant, crispy for two croissants...
sadie, Jul 08 2002

       and scratch'n'sniff for the amount of boned ideas.
dare99, Jul 08 2002

       mighty_cheese: I think it needs an 'In Gosh We Trust'
[ sctld ], Jul 08 2002

       And a 'joined on' date.
[ sctld ], Jul 08 2002

       Okay, I've made a few modifications and included the back of the card. The barcode, when scanned reads "[marked-for-d*letion]" (* inserted to stop this idea popping up in mfd searches). The scratch 'n' sniff portion is located in the lower right corner, and I think that each user could choose their own non-lame tagline.
mighty_cheese, Jul 08 2002

       Superb piece of work there, [mighty_cheese].
angel, Jul 09 2002

       Okay. When can we order them?
[ sctld ], Jul 09 2002

       Place your orders by e-mail. I'll try to accomodate any special requests.
mighty_cheese, Jul 10 2002

       Has Jutta authorised these?
angel, Jul 10 2002

       What she doesn't know can't harm her.
[ sctld ], Jul 10 2002

       [ sctld } : I have to disagree with you there. To my certain knowledge there are all sorts of things in the world that can harm or hurt you if you don't know about them. Just imagine treading on an upturned 13-Amp plug with bare feet because you don't know it's there.
8th of 7, Jul 10 2002

       While that may be true, [ sctld ], I feel that it's common courtesy to ask her.
[8th]: award your elf one "I'm being a prat" point.
angel, Jul 10 2002

       You can ask her then. I'll hold back my order.
[ sctld ], Jul 10 2002

       As promised by myself, I'd held off on even designing this not forgotten idea until jutta got wind of it - see my annotation of April 20, 2001. This is her site. Period - er - full stop
thumbwax, Jul 10 2002

       Jutta has given me the ok, and made a few suggestions. The new version will be posted momentarily. E-mail me your requests, including what tagline you'd like etc. I'll send you a card in .jpg format, and it's your own damn problem how to print it and laminate it.   

       I just have to add that obviously I am not doing this as a moderator or any other representative of the halfbakery. I'm doing this because I'm a freak with too much spare time.
mighty_cheese, Jul 10 2002

       What's the significance of the numbers?
[ sctld ], Jul 10 2002

       Ummm.... the numbers are significantly random.
mighty_cheese, Jul 10 2002

[ sctld ], Jul 10 2002

       Is there anywhere we can find all the taglines? I know I have a favourite one, but I only know it when I see it, I can't bring it to mind. Cheers.
sappho, Jul 12 2002

       keep tapping 'refresh' (it changes each time) until your favourite pops up!
po, Jul 12 2002

       My favorite: Strap *this* to the back of your cat.
BinaryCookies, Jul 29 2002


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