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Fishbone Matches

Burns. Longer.
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A product for the crafty, camping Halfbaker. Matches shaped like little fishbones. Symbolic of torching all of your bad ideas, or burning those that have offered-up some less than savory ideas. Start your campfire, light your pilot light, or spark-up a cigarette with a venerable HB icon. Offered in varying scents and flame colors.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

(?) Inspiration http://www.halfbake...0on_20match_20boxes
[EvilPickles] [Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004]


       +...got a light?
xandram, Mar 11 2008

       For barbeques you could also have croissant firelighters that break into chunks.
marklar, Mar 11 2008

       Some croissant fireplace logs.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 13 2008


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