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Coffee fountain airbag

Save your keyboard from drowning ...
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Many HBers will be familiar with the famous "Coffee Fountain". You're browsing the Bakery and you come across a hillariously brilliant idea or annotation, and can't help busting out laughing. Unfortunately, more often than not, you have a mouthful of coffee, tea or other beverage at the time. The effects on IT equipment for projectile-spraying of such liquids is disatrous.

But now, you can save time, money and expense by purchasing monitors and screens with built-in absorbent airbags. The airbags are packed in slim compartments at the top of the keyboard, or under the "chin" of the monitor. Triggered by the inevitable convulsive squeeze of the mouse that preceeds the emission of fluids, the bags (coated with a thin, flexible layer of the super-absorbant material used in nappies and feminine hygene products) expand outwards with great speed, intercepting the droplets before they reach the danger areas.

NB This idea was inspired by the necessity of cleaning up two monitors, a keyboard and a laptop after reading UnaBubba's poetic annotation to the "CFDU" idea while drinking a mug of coffee.

8th of 7, Sep 13 2002




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