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Rotates and leans back
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My idea is based on the fact that children (most likely) fall asleep in a car. The older they are, the more that this happens, especially during a long trip. This new car seat is targeted for those children ages 1 to 5 who fall asleep in the back seat in the upright position. Once you realize that they're asleep, you push a button and viola! the seat rotates around ninety degrees then leans back to provide more comfort for their backs and necks. Once you take your child out of the seat, push the button again and it returns to the upright, forward-facing position.
gette30, Nov 28 2000


       But every moving joint is an extra risk of failure during an accident. Since little kids fall asleep so easily in carseats, I'm unconvinced that the need for more comfort outweighs any decrease in crashworthiness.
hello_c, Nov 30 2000

       This seat not only provides a comfort for the child, but it also reduces the occurance of cleeping irregularly. Eve notice when a child is sleeping upright, their automatically falls forward at an awkard position, with the possibility of permanently hurting the neck and spianl cord?
gette30, Feb 12 2001


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