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Coolamon Style Baby Silla

Was going to call it "Baby Head Carriage" but thought people might think it was some sort of Old West Horse-and-Cart for the transportation of decapitated babies´ heads.
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Imagine a tiny but exquisitely detailed sedan chair, decorated with purple silk and galvanised carvings around its frame. The cushion is made of soft velvet, upon which a baby sits, strapped in yet dignified, possibly with a hat, waving erratically at passers by. Dribble optional.

Rather than be carried by 2 to 4 slaves, this tiny sedan is carried by one slave (read: parent), but unlike the single-porter ´Silla´ it is carried like the ´Coolamon´ pot - upon the head. Supports descend from the back of the chair running down the carrier´s back to a waistband to ensure stability. The roof of the chair extends above and beyond the baby´s reach to ensure no injury is incurred from low bridges, electircal wires or rogue trapeze artists.

I don´t know why.

theleopard, Jul 13 2007

Coolamon http://en.wikipedia...olamon_%28vessel%29
The only one I could find that is carried upon the head. [theleopard, Jul 13 2007]

Silla http://en.wikipedia...SillaCatherwood.jpg
Single porter carry chair. [theleopard, Jul 13 2007]

Babies http://images.googl...l=es&q=babies&gbv=2
What you put in the chair. [theleopard, Jul 13 2007]


       Nor do I, but I like it.
zen_tom, Jul 13 2007

       Aren't there enough parents putting their children on a pedestal already?
Noexit, Jul 13 2007

       Read the title, thought they were the lyrics to "Homeless" on Paul Simon's "Gracelands".
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2007

       Absinthe-- I had the same association!
Noexit, Jul 13 2007

       I eagerly await [benfrost]'s submission of the most effective means for transporting decapitated baby heads.
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2007

       You might be waiting a while... I've not seen [ben] recently. Anyone?
david_scothern, Jul 14 2007

       He hasn´t anno´ed or posted anything since I´ve been here, which is over a year now.
theleopard, Jul 15 2007

       [RayFordSteel] //I eagerly await [benfrost]'s submission of the most effective means for transporting decapitated baby heads//   

       I'm no Ben Frost, but Ill take a stab at decapitated baby head transportation methods, how about an oversized baseball pitching machine? Think it would seroiusly tramatize mothers that observe the random landing site for said baby heads.
evilpenguin, Jul 17 2007

       Hmmm. Perhaps I should have left out the babies heads bit. It wasn´t supposed to become the main subject of discussion. Ah, never mind. Glad people like the idea. I can imagine a child Emperor, from Tibet say, being carried by his Guardian through a shopping mall in luxurious style in one of these.
theleopard, Jul 20 2007


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